Friday, August 24, 2007

Scooter Meditation

Now I lay me down to sleep
My peace of mind I pray to keep
And though I dream before I rise
Still vague the vision of three eyes

Now I risk life on the road
On daily scooter rides, light load
My constant prayer: to stay alive
And in one piece safely arrive

My chatty self, even when praying
May miss what Universe is saying
So help me still the inner clatter
I need to listen, hear what matters

I'm grateful that I've lived past forty
So far, Great Times! I thank you, Lordy
But if I die before age fifty
I'm grateful, still--my life's been n . . . wondrous


golfwidow said...

Burma Shave.

That was only brilliant till the last line, when it achieved I'm Not Worthiness.

Peter Varvel said...

Ha ha!
I'm not a poet, by any means!
And this arena is a safe place for me to experiment without fear of criticism or what others think.

So, in that spirit, I truly appreciate your response. I didn't expect any, actually.

Play on, y'all!