Thursday, August 23, 2007

Extra! Extra! for Ex-EX-gays

I have never regretted becoming involved with Christian therapy and ex-gay ministry during my twenties. I got a lot out of it, at the time. It really felt, back then, as if someone had thrown me that proverbial rope.
Even before going in, I knew that it was important for me to examine as many sides of such a confusing and controversial issue as possible.

So how thrilled am I that one of my most-recent-favorite-authors-to-stalk has a new book coming out this fall that deals with that specific struggle, the inner conflict of trying to compromise a religious upbringing with the increasing realization of a homosexual identity?!!

Or to put it more simply, how excited am I that someone wrote a teen novel about being both gay and Christian?

Check out Alex Sanchez and his Young Adult novels about the queer Latino youth experience, from both gay and straight perspectives!

Mr. Sanchez's books are the type of Young Adult novels that I wish had been around when I was a closeted teenager. I'm glad that I have discovered them recently because they have quickly become, collectively, a specific role model and direct influence for my own fledgling writing efforts.

And I am thrilled--THRILLED, I tell you!--that he has answered my fan e-mail to let me know that he will be here locally, at a Different Light Bookstore in West Hollywood, for a book signing on October 4.

Look for the giddy middle-aged guy among all of the teenage and twenty-something fans. That'll be me, eagerly waiting for Alex Sanchez's autograph in my future copy of "The God Box."


Prince Gomolvilas said...

Oh, you want more than an autograph, whore!

Peter Varvel said...

You should know, Mr. Fame-Ass Playwright!