Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Reluctant Trojan

Being admitted to USC as an undergraduate student a few years ago was definitely one of the better opportunities in my life. I was driven to attend every class meeting, turn in every assignment on time, and actually do the required reading in order not to waste the generous grant money that covered the majority of tuition.

But oh, what a burden for someone like me to be attending classes on that campus during two successful football seasons. As much as possible, I tried not to bring up USC in conversation, outside of school. If I did, most people would inevitably want to talk about the school's football team.

I have never paid attention to sports. Even in high school I probably would not have attended a single football game or basketball game if I hadn't been in band. At USC, I didn't even buy the student activities card that would've allowed me to get discount game tickets, a student perk people were always hoping to access from me.

And although I happily avoided the frenzy and mania of Trojan sports, there was still the school spirit, the obligatory, required school spirit. When Trojan newbies first register and attend orientation, they are taught to hold up the V-for-victory sign to other fellow Trojans and say, "Fight on!" And they make you do it, too, at orientation at least. I had joined a cult!

When people asked if I had attended any of the football games, a stock answer had naturally evolved:
"No, but I had a tap class with two of the cheerleaders. That's the closest that I ever got to the football atmosphere at school."


Quin said...

in my high school, i would cringe when the cheerleaders would go out and cheer...

we were 14-0

and i can't dance can tell i'm catholic by either counting my children or watching me on the dance floor.

no sense of rhythm.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

"I have never paid attention to sports."


Peter Varvel said...

Do you know the stand up comedy of Judy Tenuta?
I grew up Protestant, but I love JT's Catholic humor!
As far as the dog not eating you . . . does getting licked in the mouth count?

Wow! I rated a seven-gay P-Gom rating! A personal best!

Prince Gomolvilas said...

I love love love Judy Tenuta. Back when audio tapes were in fashion, I bought hers. I have two of them. My friend Brent and I quote from them often.

golfwidow said...

So this week's Jeopardy is the college tournament, and it's at Galen, and on Monday, Alex Trebek totally came out wearing a helmet and cape, and carrying a sword.

Hello, Jeopardy? It's the Fonz. Climb up behind me on my waterskis. Aaay.

Peter Varvel said...

Yes, I completely agree!
"Lyk, ur TOTALLY jumping-the-shark" when a long standing game show goes to that extreme of desperation!