Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cookies? Yum!

Can anyone tell me if there's a cookie factory east of downtown L.A.? A bakery of sumptuous pastries? A Hostess outlet?

If you're ever driving east on the 101 freeway, just past downtown L.A., roll your window down and take a big whiff. Just past the Alameda exit, east of Union station, there is usually the most wonderfully potent aroma of fresh-baked cookies--the oh-so-familiar scent of butter, sugar, and vanilla combined.

I make sure to inhale deeply through my nose twice a day, on my way into work, and again on the way home. The scent makes me happy. I have good memories of grey, overcast days during Christmas vacation in Gardena, California, and feeling cozy indoors while Mom made holiday cookies. This was during the time that she was still a homemaker, before she had to start working full time.
Warm, snug, cheerful memories..

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