Friday, August 10, 2007

Lessons in Humility

My life is easy, in general.
Yesterday, I took a spill on my Suzuki scooter, on the way to work, and spent most of the day feeling sorry for myself.
That's as difficult as my life gets.
I get too confident sometimes, especially on my bike. As usual, I was feeling cool and smug, and then I took a u-turn too fast, cut it too sharp--right in front of the guy I was trying to cut in front of, too.
Yeah, that's cool.
He got out of his car to make sure that I was okay.
I had a couple of minor scrapes, on myself and on the scooter. And I had gotten road grease on Domestic Partner's Calvin Klein jeans.
It was my ego that suffered the most damage.
I'm just lucky that I didn't get run over when I was lying sideways on the asphalt with my scooter.
I'm lucky that the bike is still functional, that it still helps me to beat morning traffic into L.A. on the 10 freeway.
I always pray for safety when I'm riding my scooter, especially on the freeway. My bike is small and practically invisible, so I pray for protection from the foolishness of others. And I pray for protection from my own foolishness.

Now and then, my prayer request is to stay humble. It's a scary thing to pray for because I know that I am practically guaranteed to receive it.

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