Saturday, August 11, 2007

Daily Gratitude

My Top 12 List of What I Am Grateful For:

1.) My current dogs and past dogs, including Caesar, the First and Best Pug.
2.) Domestic Partner. He is my stability.
3.) Our home.
4.) Transportation. My beat up scooter, and my on-its-last-wheels-crappy car. They get me to my destinations and back.
5.) Education, having finished college, finally, and the generous grant money that helped to cover tuition.
6.) Dance training.
7.) Any and all dance experience and performing that I've been able to do.
8.) Friends
9.) Family members
10.) My health (Domestic Partner thinks that that should be at the top of the list).
11.) Any earned income.
12.) The fact that I'm gay.

If I had ended up being heterosexual, my life would have turned out very differently.
Maybe I would have married Kathy D, my BFF, too early, too soon. Maybe I would have even gotten her pregnant first.
I've known Kathy for twenty-five years, now. She is "my Grace." She will always be my soul mate and Best Girlfriend. She is the Love of my Life.

And she always tells me it's a good thing that I'm gay because if we had married each other, she would've ended up having to strangle me.

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