Thursday, August 30, 2007

Old Guy

Going back to school at age 38 was a positive experience. Any worries about not being able to blend in with students almost half my age were soon put to rest. And the cheerleader/sorority types embraced me as one of their own, probably because the major of Gender Studies was inevitably a gay-friendly environment.

"Omigod!" Kirsten had exclaimed to me, while walking to class. "I was just talking about you with Deanna. She's in my sorority and we so love having you as a classmate!"
"Aww, you girls are so good for my ego," I replied. "Where were you when I was in high school?"
Kirsten hesitated before answering. "Um . . . we weren't born yet?"

It was a rhetorical question, BEOTCH!


golfwidow said...
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golfwidow said...

I don't normally pimp other people's blogs in people's comments (especially since this has nothing to do with your post), but you really need to acquaint yourself with my dear friend Heidi Ann (as in "Help me, Heidi Ann, you're my only hope").

You will appreciate each other, AND I think you hail from the same neck of the woods (San Gabriel Valley, right?).

Might help if I actually put the link. Durr.

Peter Varvel said...

Thanks for the intro! Yes, SGV is correct. I already love the fact that she's the sugar monster!
I foresee buzzed-out bonding over artificial happiness.

And um, wasn't that Princess Leia's line?

Quin said...

you mean, you aren't supposed to answer rhetorical questions?


Peter Varvel said...

Um, erm, hmmm . . . do I answer that or not?

"Vih-shus soicle!"