Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Am I Doing?

I'm ganking the idea for this post from a recent one by Master Gomolvilas (he makes me call him that when I'm down on my knees, begging to have my way with him). And I'm ganking the word 'gank' from Golfwidow.

1.) I have been teaching children's dance again, this year, at my friend's church where he is the choir director. Mostly, I like it. Lately, though, it has deteriorated into more of a babysitting gig. I'm not much of a disciplinarian, and I don't find it all that necessary to try to control kids who are simply acting their age. Plus, I always get to clock out at the end of the hour's rehearsal.

2.) I have been subbing for the bass section leader at another church at which my same friend used to be the choir director.

3.) I have been doing Faux Paparazzi gigs on the weekends with friends that I used to work with at Disneyland. What is Faux Paparazzi? You may well ask! We pose as goofy press characters on the red carpet as guests are entering a party. We flash cameras in their faces, stick mics under their noses, and ask them to confirm the rumors: "Is it true that you're dating all three Jonas Brothers at the same time?"

4.) We are babysitting Otis the Pug, again, for two weeks. He is a very energetic 2-year-old puggy and absolutely adorable. He gets walked twice a day while he is with us. At night he snuggles into bed with Domestic Partner and me and our two old lady pugs.

I have also been looking at the minute amount of blood in tissues after blowing my nose - blood that is always a symptom of my allergies kicking in during dry and windy weather. With the recent fires in southern California and all that people have lost, I choose not complain about it, or even worry about it.

Sadly, I have been neglecting my writing for the first Young Adult novel, Scooter Boy. I sheepishly submitted two incomplete chapters to my writers group for this week's meeting.

And that's the worst it gets this month in Peter's Plastic Bubble World (so far).


Prince Gomolvilas said...

"Faux Paparazzi"

...I demand a full post on this later!!!!!

golfwidow said...

I love people who name their pugs Otis.

If you've seen Milo and Otis, and you remember their spouses, and you know my real first name, then you also know my middle name. It is purely coincidental - I was born before Milo and Otis was made.

Memory Layne Creative said...
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Movin' said...

aha. I managed to delete it myself (you know what I mean, check your email.

What I said is

oh yeah, my dad and his lady just told me the other day they had ashes on their cars. (and breathing was tough) Is the faux paparazzi real? They actually hire those people to fill up the sidelines of the red carpet? REALLY

Peter Varvel said...

PG and Miss Movin',
Ha ha! I guess Prince is right: I'm going to have to devote a short, separate blog to explain the Faux Paparazzi gigs.
It's kind of silly, really, AND fun, AND it pays!
Stay tuned . . .

GW, this is difficult to say online without coming off as smarmy, but that is just too endearing!
Our visitor's full name is Otis Spunkmeyer since the shade of his fawn fur and dark chocolate face and ears is very much like the color-combo of chocolatey-chip cookies!

Lori said...

I want an Otis :(

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

I've been studying. Studying sucks. Having to sit for finals sucks. But at least now I'm friends with Kev.


Quin Browne said...

so much to say here....

i didn't realise you played baseball with prince. (innocent look)