Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mixed Emotions

I am beyond thrilled about the 2008 election results, and feeling hopeful and optimistic about our country's future, as well as the entire world's.

However, because Proposition 8 passed, I feel like boycotting all legally recognized weddings and marriages, especially here in California.

I'm sorry if that sounds bitter, whiny, and petty, but if some people are not going to be supportive of me and my rights, why should I feel obligated to do the same for them?

As far as gay rights are concerned, there has been tremendous and significant progress in my own lifetime. It is encouraging, and I am confident that we will continue to make further progress before my life is over.

This is not over.


Cheryl said...

Dude, we've earned a bitter moment. Tomorrow we'll get back to fighting the good fight and celebrating Barack Obama, but today I say we indulge in some righteous anger.

Sunshine said...

I was hoping for the best with Prop 8 because then I was hoping it would really snowball into the rest of the country.

It totally sucks and I'm so sorry.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

I read news article ragarding this and one of the quotes they picked was "We are so glad that gay marriage is banned. Now we can reaffirm on what a great and beutiful aspect a marriage is."


Mike Valentino said...

Hey, just because God thinks it's ok for me to enjoy an average 7 year marriage before divorcing and scattering children all over the countryside doesn't entitle you to persecute me because some other people are persecuting you. I don't even live in CA. I live in the promised land.

Peter Varvel said...

C, thanks, cuz I'm still upset.

S, thank you. It's particularly meaningful to have ally straighties such as your lovely, diva self!

TCDO, the people they quoted should only see "what a great and beautiful aspect marriage is" among the hetero members in my own family (it ain't!)

MV, don't feel personally persecuted - I hate EVERYBODY equally.

Kevin said...

Hi fag,
please get your wee wee out of your DP's a-hole and check out the comment i left you on the post abt ur anniversary

Fags should justeat shit & die

golfwidow said...

Aw, what's the matter, Kevie? Did Mommy forget to wipe your poopy tushie for you this morning?

Peter Varvel said...

Hey, Kevin!
Thanks for the two responses!
That's much more than I can get out of my straight family members, LOL.

GW, Straight, Gay, Right, Left: "Everyone Poops" (by Taro Gomi)

Movin' said...

I love it...ban ALL marriage. There should be a proposition to ban all marriage since gay marriage has been banned. Perfect. Where do I sign?

Movin' said...

sorry, this is me. you dont have a place for wordpress people to sign in.

Louise Larsen said...

Pete: This fight is not over.

You and so many other dear people have been disenfranchised, and injuriously disregarded.

But, this dialogue is not over.

We are ONE. We are all the same.

We will see this put down as law and we will lead the world to light.

Just like we did for women and minorities. Like we have always done, before.

Look, as I see it. It ain't important unless you have to really fight for something. So, let's keep the faith and fight this.

We are one.

Keep the faith.