Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Story of The Boy, Part 1

From the journal of Peter Varvel, August, 1987:

Once upon a time, there was The Boy.

The Boy wanted to kiss other boys, but he heard people say it was bad. He heard people say God said it was bad. The Boy's mother and father liked God and he realized that they, too, must think it was bad.

The Boy liked God, also, so he did not kiss other boys. He did not tell anyone that he wanted to.

One day, The Boy went to The Park. He was in a parade! In the parade were Other Boys who wanted to kiss boys. The Boy soon found out that Other Boys who wanted to kiss boys were all over The Park! The Other Boys did not say that it was bad for boys to kiss boys. So, The Boy went out with some of the Other Boys and he kissed them. And he was happy.

But only for a little bit.

The Boy soon found out that most of the Other Boys did not like God. Or they said that they did but they did not show it. The Boy began to feel guilty. He became confused. Soon, he felt he was developing an ulcer.

During this time The Boy went out with an Older Man. He did not kiss the Older Man that much but he fell in love with him very quickly. The Older Man took care of The Boy's emotional needs. The Older Man was decent, responsible, and funny. But he did not like God. Like many of the Other Boys, he did not hate God, but he did not like God, either. So, The Boy finally had to leave his beloved Older Man,

Soon, The Boy finally became disgusted enough with the Other Boys, since they did not like God, and he decided not to go out with them anymore.

To be continued


the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Tell me more Peter, tell me more.....

Mike Valentino said...


We keep getting these snapshots of your life. You are one complexly strange person.