Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Story of The Boy, Part 2

(read part 1 here)

The Boy had an Angel for a friend. The Angel had long, golden hair. In the summer The Angel came to work in The Park, too.

Most of the time when The Angel worked in the park, she wore short, dark hair. That summer The Boy and The Angel became close friends because they were in The Park together so much. Many times they were both in a parade!

The more The Boy got to know The Angel, the more he fell in love with her. This helped him to forget about wanting to kiss boys. The Boy told The Angel that he loved her. She accepted his feelings but she did not return them. The Boy was not hurt. He like God and she liked God. They had a beautiful friendship. It was a beautiful summer.

The Boy thought that if he could be with The Angel always he could forget about wanting to kiss boys forever.

But The Angel had to leave. She went to live at a school that liked God. She could not come to The Park anymore.

It was a lonely, rainy winter. Once or twice he went out with one of the Other Boys, but only for a little bit.

Once in the winter, The Boy went out with a girl. He almost kissed her but then he lost his nerve. He did not go out with her again.

When it was summer again The Boy met a Friendly Girl. She had long, almost-golden hair. She almost resembled The Angel. The Boy and the Friendly Girl went out a few times. They had fun together and The Boy even kissed the Friendly Girl. It was actually pleasant. He wasn't grossed out like he thought he would be. But it still wasn't as nice as kissing a boy.

The Boy could not go out with the Friendly Girl anymore. It wasn't enough. He wasn't in love with her.

To be continued


the Constantly Dramatic One said...

I am tempted to kick yo ass with all this "to be continued" thing. Stop making me wait dammit!


Lori said...

I like this story. tell me more!

Mike Valentino said...

Will this be a trilogy or never-ending like the Saw movies?