Friday, April 4, 2008

Cuz I'm Ghetto-Cool Like Dat

Look at what Quin did!

She had my most recent blog post translated at

I practically pee'd myself, trying to read this version outloud.

Procrastinizzle Pizzle

Okay, so here's how justificizzles works (in mah mind, at least).

I am disappointed that I didn't git ciznast in Pippin, afta mobbin' been invited ta audition n doing quite well wit tha dance combinizzle (again, in mah mind, at least), no playa how out of shape I may be, vocally puttin tha smack down.

And corporeally.

But I am also relieved.

Really, this aging chorus giznirl is jizzle too dizzy tired ta be blunt-rollin' up her heels in rehearsals n performizzles every night, especially motherfucka an eight hour work dizzle jizzy ta have ta git up early in tha morn'n ta do it all over again, day afta day fo' real.

Just coz you still have tha ability ta do sum-m sum-m doesn't mizzle you should stizzay do it. It's waaay too early in life fo` me still, ta risk break'n a hiznip, yet sho nuff.

Noël Alumit sez maybe tha universe is frontin' me ta continue cruisin' mah book . Snoop heffner mixed with a little bit of doggy flint. I thizzay he's right. At least, I hizzle ta believe that as siznort of a consolizzles prize.

So, bizzy ta tha justificizzle pizzart. If I was so will'n ta be up late in rehearsal every nizzight n on weekends, despite how desperately exhausted it would have mizzy me feel cruisin' tha wizzle day, then I should be jizzust as will'n ta invest tha same tizzle n effort into complet'n mah first Young Adult novel (and not continue ta wizzatch tha same repeats of "Will & Grace" over n ova, every night) . Aint no L-I-M-I-to-tha-T.

But I should be more tizzy 'jizzay as' will'n n shit. The pros of messin' regular writ'n habits, versus tha ratha pathetic effort of dippin' ta keep up wit twenty-sum-m sum-m danca, include being able ta makes that attempt fizzle tha comfort of mah own hizzle n' shit. There is less travel time involved n therefizzles poser hours of sleep lost. Anotha benefit is thiznat Domestic Partna does not feel as neglected whiznen I am still in tha house, nizzight drug deala night, even if I am in anotha room. I do not have ta subject him once again ta becom'n tha Cracka Gangsta (nizzot this year, anyway).

My life is not hizzay as I have mentioned in this blog before. On most days, it is as simple as merely being grateful fo` mobbin' home in one piece, yet again, on mah brotha ride home fizzy work. My job is not hard, eitha to increase tha peace. There is almost zero stress involved . Snoop heffner mixed with a little bit of doggy flint. And as I kizzle frontin' I need ta takes advantage of tha fact thizzat mah day job leaves me wit enough energy at tha end of tha day ta wiznork on otha goals n pursue shot calla interests . Throw yo guns in the motherfuckin air.

I am convinced that I hizzle not already performed in mah last gizzy yet. I know tizzle I will git tha chance ta perform in drug deala show, eventually, whiznen tha perpetratin' is R-to-tha-izzight n motherfucka factors is all in place . I thought i told ya, nigga I'm a soldier.

But fo` now, as far as mah writ'n is concerned, more action n less rap is tha self-imposed mandate fo` this life-time procastinizzles yaba daba dizzle. Fizzy free ta hold me accountable ta that, if you is so inclined.

Word. Peace outch'all!


Quin Browne said...

yo, word up.

it's da shizzle to go to gizoogle.

sorry, that's the best i can do.

(try government sites, omg!)

Michael Manning said...

Peter: Thank you for commenting on m site while The Golfwidow filled in for me!

Have a good day!

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