Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Attack of the Online Skanks

A slew of sluts has overwhelmed me and my inbox.

Don't use the word 'hump.' Or at least, don't use it in any public social networking sites, like myspace, in your profile descriptions or in your status update. It may attract an undesirable element and a lot of it.

I hardly ever get any myspace friend requests, which is just fine with me. Today, however, I have been deluged with friend requests from an assortment of myspace strumpets. And all because of the word 'hump.'

This morning, I wrote on my home page the following as my status update:
"Peter wishes hump day really was."

Then BAM! My email box was filled with friend requests from women wearing bikinis in their profile photos, despite the fact that my own profile plainly lists my orientation as gay. Coincidentally, each profile included a 'click here to see my adult profile' option. I was fooled into looking through a few of the profiles, by such names as "John" and "Jimmie."


Hey, if they were male strumpets, I might be more willing to click on 'approved.'


Brenda said...

And I always get the penis enlargement spam in my in box - well not MY in computers!

Lion's Cub said...
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Lion's Cub said...

If you figure out a way to get solicitations from men, please let me know.

Operators are standing by..