Saturday, October 13, 2007

Random Tees

(Feb. 5, 2011 - I decided to delete the graphic that was originally here, the one that said 'I heart vadge-eye-nuh,' since it kept bringing so much uselss traffic to my blog stats.)

I love the stuff that's not made up. It's usually more interesting.

The charming graphic above is an actual tee shirt, available at, perfect for that one special guy who is so hard to shop for, during the holidays. Don't you think?

No, I would not wear it myself. Two weeks ago, I wore Domestic Partner's souvenir tee shirt from Thailand, with 'Phuket' emblazoned on the front. I have never been to Thailand, and half a dozen people asked me about my trip there, in the course of an afternoon.

So, just imagine, if you will, the bombardment of questions that I would have to endure if I were to parade around in that billboard tee.

Last weekend, Domestic Partner and I were walking through yet another mall on a food court lunch quest. We both saw her at the same time, a middle-aged Asian woman wearing a tee shirt that read "I love(heart) Europeans."

Shortly after that, we saw a younger Asian woman in a black tee shirt, which was encrusted with the proud rhinestone message of "Cheap and Chic."


As Asian Americans ourselves, we realize that we shouldn't be so quick to judge, but it's too easy for Domestic Partner and I to assume that these type of women are FOB (fresh of the boat) Asians, because really, why would any American wear these kind of message tee shirts?

My favorite message tee, to this day, was seen during a visit to Sea World, years ago, in San Diego. A blonde overweight woman was wearing a pretty pink tee shirt bearing a single word: 'pasta.'


golfwidow said...

It's horribly un-PC that I visit daily, but it's just a little bit of surreality to balance out my already-weird morning.

Brenda said...

A shirt I tried to order online recently read, "Barbie is a doll not a goal". It was in a lovley light pink and I thought it would push some good buttons with "the mommies"!!!

Peter Varvel said...

Oh,my freakin' heck! I LOVE! If you can ever find a copy, buy "Free Cocktails for Ladies with Nuts," a priceless collection of Engrish from around the world!

that's better than that other tired shirt about wanting to BE Barbie, cuz "that bitch has everthing."

Quin said...

all of my sons, including the marine, proudly wear their matching tshirts that read, "my mommy loves me". oddly, no one points and laughs.

for the holidays, i'm buying the weatherguy (who, like our beloved gw, loves him some beer) the great beer tshirt, polygamy porter, with the logo-'bring some home to all the wives'


Quin said...

wait... oh, my freakin' heck?

i love you more and more, peter. have you told the d.p. i'm moving in soon?

Peter Varvel said...

DP won't mind--we have an "open relationship."

Quin said...

plus, i'm just moderately cheerful, not gay.

Hugo Minor said...

I went to Japan last year and saw a girl wearing a great shirt - it was a tight pink t-shirt and said: "Everybody - shake hip tonight!" She was too quick for my camera, or else I was too slow on the draw.

Peter Varvel said...

HM-thanks for visiting, and yes, that is the perfect example of the WTF?/random tees that can be found there.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that photo and thought for two blissful seconds that hunky, yummy
Chris Gorham had left a comment.
At least you're in accounting, like his UB character, LOL!