Wednesday, October 3, 2007

And . . . I'm Off!

It's been a "literary week," to borrow some phrasing from friend and novelist, Noel Alumit.

This past Sunday:
I helped out at the West Hollywood Book Fair, as a volunteer. I got to listen to Noel speak on two different panels.

I love books. I love being around where they are sold, the way some people love being in shoe stores. I cannot enter a bookstore I happen to be passing by, major chain or independent, and not find something that I just have to have, whether it be frivolous or classic, or something in between.

I bought Mickel Angelo Paris's novel, "The West Hollywood Story," mostly because he's half Asian/half caucasian, like me, and I'm narcissistic enough to fork out some cash for that reason alone.

Last night:
I attended the first class meeting for an Introduction to Fiction Writing workshop, taught by--yes!--Noel Alumit (I tend to stalk those that I admire). I was a-swirl with joy and expectation. The first meeting alone was everything I had hoped it would be. It's going to be a busy and great ten weeks, this course. Mr. Alumit must have given us a good first work out--I was starving after class.

Tomorrow night:
I'll attend a book signing and meet Alex Sanchez, one of my newest favorite authors.
His latest novel is titled, "The God Box," and deals with the identity conflict of homosexuality and a Christian upbringing. This is my book. Thank you, Mr. Sanchez.

BFF Kathy thinks that I'm going to try to seduce Alex Sanchez, when I meet him in person.

You don't know me.

Okay, so, she's the person who knows me best in this world. As long as I end up with an autographed copy of his new book in hand, that will be sufficient . . . for the time being.


Prince Gomolvilas said...

"You don't know me."

Maybe I do. And maybe I am afraid for Mr. Sanchez.

golfwidow said...

I saw that bird's eye shot of all those books and got girl-wood.

I love books. LOVE.

Peter Varvel said...

Prince, would that be 'know' in the biblical sense?

Golfwidow, LOL!
Glad I have the ability to stimulate you in one way, at least!

Quin said...

i brought my bestest two books with me and have already managed to add eight more.

we should go stalk together. do you have to wear certain clothing? tweeds and leather boots? is stalking an author like stalking snipe?

Peter Varvel said...

What is it with straight women and the wardrobe worries?
An 'honorary hag' type friend went with me last night, and she was concerned about what to wear, as well.
She ended up looking very cute!
But I was still the one that got direct eye contact and 'close body contact' with the visiting author.

Sorry, ladies.

Brenda said...

Books remain friends long after shoes have given one blisters. Something calming about oodles of books. And the smell of paper.mmmm