Monday, October 8, 2007

Family Affair Hair

Is it me, or is Billy Ray Cyrus' new do looking more and more like that of his daughter's television character, Hannah Montana?

Maybe they both get their hair done by the same stylist. I guess anything was better than that Achy-breaky mullet.


golfwidow said...

He's gone from business-in-front, party-in-back to sticky-in-front, greasy-in-back.

I am convinced this was the result of someone betting him that he couldn't come up with a worse hairstyle than the Billy-Ray Mullet.

Peter Varvel said...

Unfortunately, everything comes back. I'm already seeing several 80's influenced mullet-esque cuts on young men, here in L.A.

Quin said...

there was an entire family in my little hamlet in the land o'utes that had a, dad and the three kids.

i saw a guy in brooklyn who was shaved in the front, mullet in the back. i guess he was intense in the front, party from behind or something.

and i thought hannah was mary kay or ashley olsen.


golfwidow said...

Bald in front, long in back is known as the "skullet."

Peter Varvel said...

I had forgotten about 'skullet.'
I shouldn't have deleted that attachment being passed around, the one with the endless variations and names of the mullet.