Monday, October 15, 2007

More Growing Up, BLEAH

I have had probably one of the most extended adolescences ever, longer than most people, anyway. And it has been hard to let go of, especially since I've started working at my first proper, full time job, last year. That has really gotten in the way of my Real Life.

Prominent signs of my new, official grownup-ness continue to taunt me and gloat, even, like the annoying bug-a-boos that they are:

1.) I have been invited by two different people to go to Knott's Scary Farm, this year, the annual theme park Halloween haunt here in southern California. In high school, "in the eighties," it was the coolest event to attend as a SoCal teen (and it still may be, for all I know). It was a place to see people, and a place to be seen. But now? Grownup Me (bleah!) is not too eager to waste about $50.00 and spend most of the evening just standing in line, only to experience a few brief minutes of chills and thrills.

The point in going would be to enjoy the exceptional company of those who had invited me, either of them. But at this point in middle-aged life, I think I'd rather spend the same amount of time--and perhaps less money--sitting in a diner all night, constantly eating and gabbing with the same friends.

2.) My "first real job" includes signing outgoing letters on a daily basis. It's sobering to see that I have joined the ranks of those that have developed "doctor's signatures," my rushed autograph mostly legible, seemingly apathetic in its I-don't-care-enough-to-slow-down-for-this flourish.

3.) This is the first Halloween in a long time that I haven't put any thought or effort into a costume. I told BFF Kathy that this first full time job has just sucked up all of the hours that I would normally put into planning and designing a costume. Kathy was rather sad about it, in a bittersweet way. At least she has two young children, now, for both of us to focus on, for costumes and other holiday fun. Her little 41-year-old is finally growing up . . .

I assured Kathy, however, that one of these years, I will fulfill my Halloween goal of dressing up as the Child Catcher from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."

"Come here, kiddie-winkies!"


Brenda said...

DON'T grow up! Sure put on the suit and go to the office but on your way home stop off at the cozi shop and spend some of that hard earned coin. Really...what is next to give!!!!

Quin said...

i will fly to la just to see you dressed like that.

Lions Den said...

So is this your way of telling me that you won't be going to Knott's?? You are now the second man in a month to blow me off via electronic message. Really, WTF is up with men who can't call or look a woman in the eye when they break a date or break up with them?

Kidding. I'm Kidding.

(about you and Knott's. not about the asshole who broke up with me via cell phone.)

Peter Varvel said...

LD-what I wouldn't give to have a second man blow me right now.

Q-we will dress up together, on both coasts.

B-bite your tongue!

golfwidow said...

I have been telling everyone that this year I will be dressing up as a cynic for Hallowe'en. The bad news is, everyone will recognize me. The good news is, I already have the costume.

Peter Varvel said...

That's like my brother's dry answer, when asked, Where's your costume?
"This IS my costume. I'm dressed as 'someone who cares.'"