Monday, October 13, 2008

This One's for Louise on the Left

Dear Louise,

Thank you for indulging my constant-need-for-attention (you must be an experienced parent!), and for stroking my ego.

I adore being stroked.

I would ride proudly as your Curly-passenger to your Laurie driver,if you were to drive a sparkly, metallic purple golf cart with the white "fringe on the top."

I was Purple Peter for well over two decades, so the former me - the Artist Formerly Known as Purple Peter - cheered triumphantly when I saw a metallic dark purple smart fortwo car on the freeway last month! (it's not a standard color choice; those are custom made).

Also, I have been meaning to post a rather lengthy blog entry during this past busy & hectic week (after being tagged by The Constantly Dramatic One). So, I also thank you for giving me a time-efficient entry to post.


And to my Iowanian cohort, Sunshine, here are the poses with 'the guns,' just for you! Thank you for stroking me, too.

Who else wants to stroke me?


Prince Gomolvilas said...

"I adore being stroked."

You. Are such. A whore.

Peter Varvel said...

Stroke me, Prince.

thelastnoel said...

Wow. Congrats on the new car--it suits you. It's cute and yellow, like you!

Peter Varvel said...

N, ha ha! Thanks! That's what I thought, too, hee hee.

Louise Larsen said...

I love these pictures, thank you!

(Prince, don't make come over there and kick your ass for calling Pete a "whore." Besides, everyone's a whore sometimes. -- There's a life-lesson I'll be rushing to share with my kids.)

BTW: I was one of the few girls in school who actually collected Matchbox cars. I still have them.

One of my favorites was a 60's minivan just like the one in Little Miss Sunshine. And a bright yellow horse trailer which has tiny plastic white horses.

Anyhow, I do still have most of my Matchboxes.

I love how your car reminds me so much of them. (and I love the enthusiasm. We should all be this happy about our cars.)


Here's what a second grader said about MY car recently.

I was driving her home from a playdate Sunday night.

Thalia: "How come your car is so dirty?"

Me: (Secretly fuming because my husband never helps me clean my car, or take out the garbage.)
"Oh, well, honey, because I guess I don't pick it up as much as some people do, that's why."

Thalia: "No, I didn't mean the dirt on the outside, I meant all that stuff on the floor inside."

Me: "Oh, that's because I would rather play with my kids than clean my car (I said, lying, because I'd just hosted a nine hour play date & somehow was still stuck driving the kid home, too.).

Talia: "Oh. Well, my Mommy plays with me and cleans the car."

Me: (pregnant pause) "Uh, huh. You're lucky."

I liked reading the interesting facts about you.

That sucks about your father. I had a very painful relationship with my father, too. After I had kids my parents tried hard to "mend fences." But, there are some things you never forget, do you?

Certain things can be said or done that can kick a hole in your heart, no matter how much time passes.

Oh, well. Sadly, it's their loss.

-- louise