Monday, October 13, 2008

15 Random Facts

I was tagged by The Constantly Dramatic One. I almost never respond to tags, and I've been feeling a little guilty over not responding to the first coupla' times she tagged me.

Plus, this tag really appeals to the narcissist in me.

15 random facts about me that you may or may not know.

1. I prefer to pee sitting down. Yes, I can aim if I'm standing up, but not perfectly every time. There are too many unpredictable angles in the stream of pee, with mine anyway. And what doesn't end up on the toilet rim - or beyond - ends up spotting my boxers when I pee standing up. Comedienne Margaret Smith says that if women had wieners, "you know we would daub 'em." That's me.

2. I was Purple Peter for over two decades. At first it was just a ploy for attention, an easy way to be different. But I genuinely liked the color purple. I wore something purple every single day from 1981 to 2001. Sometimes it was just purple socks, or only my purple watch. On other days it was just purple underwear or purple shoelaces. I had an entire purple suit with a double-breasted blazer.

3. I was enrolled at UCLA right after high school. I started out as a biology major, which was a big mistake. I dropped out after a year, and started working at Disneyland. My parents were really mad at me.

4. I am a former band geek. I played trumpet for eight years, from the fifth grade to my senior year in high school.

5. I am estranged from my father. He has stated that he cannot accept my homosexuality. The estrangement is mutual. He was a great parent, and he has the ability to be a great human being, but I do not miss him.

6. I was a contestant on two T.V. game shows - "Win, Lose, or Draw" (kind of like Pictionary) and "The Grudge Match." Richard Simmons was my celebrity team mate on the first one.

7. I was born in California but I lived in Japan and Saudi Arabia while growing up. My father teaches ESL (English as a Second Language) so we moved around a lot. People thought I was an army brat.

8. I don't mind if my dogs lick me in the mouth. I have never died or gotten sick from letting them do that, even though it grosses out everyone around me.

9. In addition to being a band geek I was a drama dork in high school. Musicals were my favorite. My first musicals in high school were The Fantasticks, Grease, and Godspell.

10. I won my first trophy in the fifth grade. I was one of the winners in the school district's safety poster contest. My poster's slogan was, "Don't be a litter bug - feed the trash cans (I stole it from McDonald's - I was ten). My dad framed the poster and displayed it in the living room.

11. I cried when I brought my school pictures home and my dad said, "Oh, Peter, this is terrible," because I had a closed-mouth smile. Neither of us knew, then, that you were allowed to retake your school picture if you didn't like the first one. I made damn sure to show teeth in the following year's photo.

12. I first had sex when I was 15, and only once. I didn't have sex again until I was 19 (and working at Disneyland).

13. I believe that being angry is better than feeling sorry for yourself. Anger can move you to action, at least. I wasted too many years in self-pity.

14. When I was involved in ex-gay ministry, I tried being celibate throughout most of my twenties. I wasn't very successful.

15. I saved over ten years' worth of fingernail clippings and then gave them as a wedding gift to BFF Kathy when she got married. True story.

Consider yourself tagged, if you are so inclined.


the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Wait, how many times have I tagged you? Hmmm..

1) Dude, overshare =/

2) OMG! Purple's my favourite colour too!!! But I don't wear it. As much as I love purple, the colour looks atrocious on my skin.

3) Biology major? Whoaaa....

6) Richard Simmons?!!! WOW!!! What other famous ppl have you met? I met Glen Close once...sort of, uumm and one of the Black Eyed Peas guys. My brother met Johnny Depp.


10) I won a number of trophies too back in the day. But mostly for storytelling =)

12) I have to ask...I have to ask......straight sex? Or gay sex?

13) Yes! Agree. But I'm usually pissed off about something or other...thats why I'm so bitchy. But not now though, I am incredibly happy these days.

14) And how does she reacts to that, pray tell?

Thanks for doing this tag!!

Peter Varvel said...

TCDO, oh, honey, gay sex all the way. I first kissed a girl at age 15, FRENCH kissed, and that alone had me running straight to . . . er, DIRECTLY to men, LOL.

BFF Kathy got it. She understood I was giving her a part of me, especially from all the years that we were apart when I working away from home.

Kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Hello Kevin, how are you? Having a good day in your part of your world? Yes, yes me too. And I'm sure Peter is too.

Say Kevin luv, I want you to know that this is a happy blog. In which people would like to express themselves in the most gaily way. You do know that gay also means happy right? Right. Awesome.

See, here on Plastic Bubble World we are most tolerant of all God’s creatures, gay ones, fat ones, sick ones, kinky ones, happy ones and basically everyone really. Cause we believe in spreading the love and all that jazz. But what we are not tolerant of are stupid worthless piece of shits like you that somehow found time in your oh-so-insignificant life to create a profile so that you can comment on people’s blog just so you can diss them.

Whatever it is between Peter’s father and him, it is between them. It doesn’t include you. But then you know how it feels to be ashamed right? You know that cause that’s what you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror everyday. To know that you have become what you are: a discriminating, bitter, homophobic, self-hating, worthless excuse for a human being and basically, your mother’s biggest regret. It is not Peter’s fault that you are what you are today. It is your fault. So work on that before you feed on your bitterness and shame on other people who clearly are so much better than you.

And please Kevin luv, do feel free to never grace us with your presence again. Remember this is a blog for gay people. Not straight homophobic ones. Only gay people are allowed to comment here…………...wait unless you are gay. But you’re in denial. And……..oooohhh now I understand. No one wants to tap your ass right Kev? That’s why you’re so pissed off. Must be suck to go through life as a fugly, closeted gay in which no one wants to have anything to do with.

Sucks to be you Kev.

Thanks Kev for reading all this. I’m glad we have this talk. Between a bisexual woman and a closeted gay, this have been fun. =D

Kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter Varvel said...


And WOW! @ _ @

Thanks, TCDO, for coming to my defense, and for always supporting me. You are a Loyal and Loving Friend.

I'm very sorry Kevin deleted his comments since it elicited such a strong response from you - I'm curious to know what he wrote . . .

And thank you especially for getting what Plastic Bubble World is all about. M'WUAH!

Quin Browne said...

kevin insulted my peter (as it were)??

really? do tell.

1. so did my ex.

2. i knew that!

3. omg, you were insane!

4. band geek hag

5. the joy you have that understanding... that place in your soul... is one reason you are da bomb.

6. NO FRIGGING WAY!! did you win? did richard hit on you?

8. sophie licks me on the mouth... i pretend she didn't just walk on kitty litter and then clean her feet.

never won anything beyond a cake i dropped... i love and will use the anger comment, i was 19 when i did it, and the clippings?

what a smart man!! cheaper than tiffany's...

mr jp said...

did you know that Richard Simmons has the same birthday as me ? lol ...

Cheryl said...

In almost every actor interview I read (most recently the Amy Adams profile in Vanity Fair), they say they moved around a lot as kids. Do you think there's a coloration? Between new places and the desire/need/ability to create different masks to go with each?

Prince Gomolvilas said...

"I prefer to pee sitting down."

You are so gay.