Monday, October 6, 2008

Lookit Me! Lookit Me!

It's here! It's finally here!

Less than nine months after putting my name on the reservation list, I received my brand new smart fortwo car.


It has been great driving around the southern California freeways, already! It is very satisfying to simply see this big little car parked in the garage.


First impressions: the automatic option is slightly jerky in the first two or three gear shifts, but using the manual option - which is clutch-less, by the way - makes for a much smoother ride.

The smart fortwo has three cylinders. Is it lacking in power? Not as much as you might think. I live near a huge hill of a freeway. When making my way up the incline, downshifting one gear from 5 to 4 gave me enough power to pick up speed and pass a few other motorists. I was weaving in and out among cars, going up that hill in my tiny little space egg, until I remembered that I forgot to put the new insurance policy in the glove compartment.


And the attention it brings . . . YEAH, BABY!

As anticipated, my candy-yellow micro car turns heads. I have enjoyed the looks I'm getting, everywhere I drive. People point from their cars and smile. Pedestrians try to look as if they're not staring, with little success.

The gas mileage is great for a non-hybrid car. I'm getting well over forty miles per gallon on the freeway.

I'm still driving my scooter into work five days a week. As small as the car is, it would still take an hour and a half in traffic to get to work, versus thirty-five minutes or so on my putt-putt. Maybe I'll leave an hour earlier for work on rainy days.

For now, the sun continues to shine. "Lookout, Weekend, cuz here I come!"


contrarymary said...

So I wrote on your facebook page before I read your blog entry. Of course people stare at you and the car.
Let's arrange an event where you and my friend Rhonda can take your cars somewhere and park nose to butt in the same parking space.

I mean your cars' noses and butts.

The car is just so darn cute.
Just like Peter Varvel.

golfwidow said...

It's adorable. It's a Lemonhead.

born slipy said...

you look way too happy in front of the car ... lol

Lori said...

You're so freaking adoreable. :)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

This picture is too damn adoreable. You are adoreable.

Anyways, your sexy ass have been tagged. Get on it.

Quin Browne said...

i'm impressed over that nice dance move!

i loves it, loves it, loves it!! when next i am out, we'll go cruising, okay? can we?? huh??

Louise Larsen said...

Oh my God! You're so lucky & I'm so jealous!

You have a smart car which so beats a stupid van!

That is way too cool!

Have so so so much fun this weekend with your groovy new smart car. It looks fabulous.

:o) ~ louise on the left

Prince Gomolvilas said...

That's a car?

BMW said...

#1- that car should be allowed in the carpool lane, and maybe even on the sidewalk perhaps.
#2- that is a great attention-getting colour! I still think you should add to it with a personal touch of some kind. It's looks like a bee, maybe add a paper mache stinger on the back?

Sunshine said...

This one is missing the good shot of the "guns"

Louise Larsen said...

So, come on, baby! POST some more pictures of this thang!

I think it's fabulous, but what my kids and I want is a dark purple, (sparkly paint) golf cart with one of those white canopy roofs with fringe?

We see them for sale near Leisure World and I've been seriously threatening Pete (my Pete) that I'm going to do it! I'm going to trade in my politically incorrect mommy van for a purple sparkly golf cart to car pool the kids in and run errands.

He thinks I'm kidding....but I'm not.

Share some more cool photos of your cool new vehicle! We need more people to get inspired to ditch the gas guzzlers of the nation.

Louise on the left (BY THE WAY - HUGE BIG kiss and hug for "giving me" this title. I love it. It's perfect. -- I need to credit you for it (and to credit Prince for wisely yelling at me not to "share against your better judgment " by blogging under the influence of painkillers).

You guys have been so great to this newbie.

The truth is, I am a blogger who exists due to the creativity of other bloggers. For which I am so grateful.

Okay. That was my Oprah moment du jour.

Erin said...

Didn't you used to make fun of Ken's YUGO?

Just kidding!!

I LOVE IT!! Congratulations!!!