Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poor Bunny

Miss Drama, The Constantly Dramatic One, has met Glenn Close. I haven't, but Miss Drama reminded me of one of my favorite stories from Disneyland, when Miss Close was visiting the park. Unfortunately, I wasn't working at the time.

Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit were out greeting guests in the park when Miss Close arrived. The Mad Hatter spotted her first, and walked right up to her.

"You!" he screamed at Miss Close. "You stay away from Mr. White Rabbit! I've seen what you do to poor, helpless, little bunnies."

Glenn Close laughed her head off, I'm told.


the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Glenn Close was a strange one. Well......I sort of met her the year I went to Disneyland LA. I think she was there to promote 101 Dalmatians. I'm not sure.

I was too young at that point. I remember a lot of attention was on her and then she turned around, look at me and gave me a smile. All I could think of was "Why is tall white lady smiling at me?". Then my family and I just walked away from all the commotion.

When I got back to Malaysia, there was heavy coverage of that movie on TV. And in one of the makings of, I saw her again being interview for her role as Cruella deVil so thats when it clicks. "Tall whitle lady" who smiled at me was Cruella DeVil.

Only years later when I am older that I know she's Glen Close =)

Quin Browne said...

and she still hates bunnies!

glen, not cd.

thelastnoel said...

This is a GREAT story. It really is.

RigheSonore said...

Hey, nice blog! I found it searching some images of that old '70s disco ball and I found it.
a hug from Italy

Peter Varvel said...

TCDO, wow! Too bad you didn't get a photo with the random, tall white lady, LOL!

Q, why? She has a rabbit fur coat?

N, thanks!

Righesonore, you are my first blog visitor from Italy - I am honored!
(I wish I could read Italian, so I could understand your blog).

rebecca said...

okay, as an animal lover i'll tell you truthfully i couldn't take my eyes off the bunny! OMG! can i steal this picture for my archives? is it yours?

glenn close...good actor, though....did you see her in "damages?" oh boy, was she good.

Peter Varvel said...

Rebecca, it's not mine, so it's all yours!
It was something that got passed around at work, and it's easy to find on images dot google dot com.

rebecca said...

Thanks Peter!