Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How to Play Elevator Roulette

BFF Kathy and I had made up a game, back when we were young and impudent, called Elevator Roulette. Here's how you play:

-Once you get in the elevator and the doors close, the first person lies on her or his back, on the elevator floor. This was my part.

-The second person then lies on top of the first person (yes, with clothes on--there is no time for disrobing!). This was Kathy's part.

-If no one is standing there waiting for the elevator, when the doors open, you win!

-But if there is someone there when the doors open, you lose, and you get up very quickly and rush out of the elevator, with egg on your blushing red face, hopefully to a nearby exit.

Or you can just stay horizontal on the floor and wait to see if they get in the elevator anyway, or if they simply wait for the next one.

Zero money risked! Happy gambling!


Brenda said...

Hysterical! Leave it up to you to find absolutley hilarious ways to have fun with others! Ever try this with another boy?

golfwidow said...

"Watch out for that trap door. It's a doozy."

Quin said...

what do you get if you lie there by yourself?

Peter Varvel said...

B, I still have a doodle of you and I running down the up escalator, on the ship . . . sadly, no boys, not on an elevator, anyway . . .

G, sorry that's-a-quote-from-what?

Q, erm, a tired right hand?

golfwidow said...

Not a quote FROM anything.

What I would say if I had been lying on an elevator door and fallen out on someone.