Monday, November 12, 2007

Ay, Gahd, I Gotta Rest My Chi-chi Bo-bo's!

"Ay, gahd, I gotta rest my chi-chi bo-bo's!"

Thus sayeth the Divine Miss M on her comedy album from the eighties, "Mud Will Be Flung Tonight!" She is speaking in reference to her ample bosom.

This has nothing to do with tonight's post. I'm just a huge lifelong fan of La Midler and her bawdy, crass comedy. And that saying was on my mind as I sat down to type.

A writer writes. This simple statement was a quote from Alex Sanchez, one of the many authors I hope to emulate. Alex said he had thought that becoming a writer would mean becoming rich and famous, as well. He discovered that being a writer means that you write.

Who knew?

Well, it's obvious, yes. But who knew that it was allowed to be that simple in theory, if not in our actual realities?

I have wanted to be a writer since before puberty. That was a full three decades ago.
I have finally been taking some significant and substantial baby steps toward reaching that childhood dream. It's a major part of what has made the past few months such a good 2007 for me.

So, to the few and faithful who tune into this blog, I apologize for being so absent. I am writing! Just give me another month to complete the wonderful writing workshop that currently dominates my spare time, and I will be frothing more often, once again, with the plastic bubbliness that churns within the world inside my mind.


Prince Gomolvilas said...

"I will be frothing more often, once again, with the plastic bubbliness that churns within"

...You're disgusting.

Jason Phoon said...

I agree with prince gomolvilas.

Oh , and what's the title mean anyway?

thelastnoel said...

I LOVE Bette Midler. I discovered her as a child and just fell for her voice and style. We have to go to Vegas when she starts performing there!

Quin said...

leave my gay life time domestic partner that i will share with his current domestic partner making us some sort of odd polygamist group



bette is, indeed, divine, and i've seen a great number of her concerts. she approaches them full on, giving from her gut... i like her.

i like your approach on writing.

(and get prince to change that photo.. that shirt!)

Peter Varvel said...

PG, and you luv it!

JP, it means I bury my head in the sand too much, ostrich style!

N, I saw her "Kiss My Brass" tour, here in LA--imagine an audience full of Jewish senior citizens and middle-aged gays. It was fabulous!

Q, I am also your Lifetime Channel for Women partner. I've told P his shirt is 'garish.'

Brenda said...

all I can hear is Ethel Merman singing 'there's no business like show business'! and you are doing a fine job with keeping up on your writing...believe me!

golfwidow said...

Mud Will Be Flung Tonight is the reason I tell people that I "don't even go to the fridge without major support."