Saturday, September 8, 2007

Taylor versus Fergie

Is it me? Or do these two look enough alike that Stacy Ferguson could play Taylor Dayne in a bio-pic?

Or do you even give a crap?

Anonymous? (yeah, you, the "batshit-crazy" one)


I thought for sure that Brad Pitt would end up playing Kurt Cobain onscreen. Maybe Courtney's being selfish about selling any rights.


golfwidow said...

I see the resemblance, yet, somehow, I can't imagine their being much of a viewer demand for a biopic of Taylor Dayne.

Which is not to say I didn't adore Love Will Lead You Back. Bitch can wail.

(By the way, if your blog will not allow anonymous comments, anonymous cannot comment here and call you batshit crazy anything or tell you you're pretentious. You've shot your chance at fame right in the foot. I'm sure your heart is broken.)

golfwidow said...

"There," not "their" (in that first sentence). My spelling is getting worser and worser.

Quin said...

Batshit crazy dropped me a line and said anyone who would go back to college and not like gym class and who would post on my blog was double batshit crazy.

So, their.

Peter Varvel said...

As a yin/yang response, you made me laugh with that very last line!

Golfwidow, I guess I won't go there, with deliberately inviting vampires into my home.
My heart is indeed, a tad broken at the prospect of having to remain . . . anonymous!

No worries on the typos, at least, not in the plastic bubble world.
I'm not the Obsessive Perfectionist-Tyrant of Bamboo Nation