Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sweaty Glass Crack Days

How hot is it? Hot enough to crack window panes!

A loud noise like a rifle shot startled Domestic Partner and me in the cool air conditioned calmness of Suburban Paradise today. We have sliding glass doors that used to open to the backyard before the family room was added on. After the initial nerve jolting crack, the safety glass on one side proceeded to snap, crackle, and pop for about thirty minutes. It reminded me of that nerve wracking scene in Jurassic Park 2, with Julianne Moore (but with two black pugs instead of the T-rexes).

The family room has no insulation, so it is stifling hot in the summer. The glass must have succumbed to the contrast of that room's trapped-in heat and the coolness of the air conditioned dining room.

And how are you all beating the heat?


golfwidow said...

The picture would be really pretty if it was someone else's window.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

I can't believe you're referencing JP3.

Peter Varvel said...

I'm not even referencing the correct JP. Gonna have to fix that.
JM was in he second one, duh!

Peter Varvel said...

Uh . . . THE second one.

Help! Nutrasweet is eating my brain!

thelastnoel said...

Let's just say that I'll be paying up the wazoo for all the air conditioning I've been using!