Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Obstacles and Progress


On my desktop at work, I am no longer allowed access to the comments sections of my friends' blogs, or even my own. Actually, I'm surprised that I'm still allowed access to any blogs at all. They really cracked down, today.

The main culprit was i-chatting, or instant messaging. And my department was the worst offender, collectively, averaging 35 to 40 hours a week of online visits to "Social Networking and Personal Sites." As our director put it, that amount of time--and money--could be put toward hiring another employee. Or firing one.

My coworkers can no longer access myspace, facebook, or any instant messaging services that they were used to participating in five days a week. We are upset. And perplexed, perplexed as to how to now fill those slow, dull minutes (okay, seconds) of any given work day.

Maybe our work performances will all improve, now.

It was a downer. I was looking for encouragement anywhere, and I found it on Sunset Blvd, in Hollywood, on the side of the House of Blues building. Covering several floors of the outer west side was a mega billboard ad for NBC's "Heroes." Prominently featured were only two cast members. Sistahs and brothahs rejoice--it was the two Asian men. I don't watch the show, so I don't know the characters or the actors' names, but it was the Japanese character with glasses, and a handsome guy with short, spiky hair.

I still hear comments and concern about limited visibility and representation in the media, for almost any ethnicity or race. So, I cling to such significant steps of progress when I unexpectedly happen upon them!


Prince Gomolvilas said...

Don't you wish you can say something right now?!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Peter Varvel said...

You're a P-tease!
Had to run an errand--"reporting from West Covina!"
So, nyah!

golfwidow said...

We get blocked from a lot of the same things, but at least I can still say hi to you if the opportunity presents itself.


Peter Varvel said...

9:56 on a Thursday night.
Hi, Golfwidow!
And, goodnight!