Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Am I Reading?

Do I really want to admit to you that I get a good amount of reading accomplished in the bathroom? I don't mind admitting that, actually. I guess the real question should be, do you really want to know that about me?

I just finished reading a children's novel on the loo, over the last few weeks, one titled The Trouble Begins. It was about a Vietnamese boy who immigrated to America with his grandmother, and the troubles he had while trying to assimilate in his new school. I was surprised to find out that the author was a white woman who had been an elementary school teacher in San Diego before she died. Do you think she exploited her students' real life experiences?

Or is that what most writing is all about?

With another book out of the way, I can now try turn my attention to the other books that I have been neglecting. Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert, has replaced the children's novel in the guest bathroom drawer. BFF Kathy loaned it to me, highly recommending it. I was eager to read it after having read an article about the book and its author in Oprah's 'O' magazine a few years ago. The accompanying photo of the handsome Italian man posing with the author didn't hurt, either.

Kathy also loaned me Cormac McCarthy's The Road recently. I have no idea what it's about, but Kathy always recommends good books. I try to do the same for her, now and then.

I am more than half way through Gregory Maguire's A Lion Among Men. So far, I love it, just as much as I have loved and enjoyed his other novels. But I try to read a little bit each night before I go to sleep, which means I don't read very much at one time since I get too sleepy too quickly.

There is never enough time to read, it seems. Or enough time to write. And yet we must! We simply must!

Once I finish the above mentioned novels, I will finally indulge my inner teenage girl and start on the Twilight series that I received for Christmas.

This post was inspired by a recent one featured in the Radiant Cheryl Klein's Bread and Bread blog.

Thanks, Cheryl!


Mike Valentino said...

Handsome Italian man? I don't remember being photographed.

Erin said...

I'm about halfway through "A Lion Among Men" too... I made myself slow way down so I could make it last. He is, as usual, simply amazing.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

But writing is life...right? Seems like that to me anyways...

Louise Larsen said...

Hey! I'm reading Eat Pray Love, as well!

I'm about half through it. It's good. It's not my most favorite book in the world, but I'm getting a lot out of it. I'm tired of people telling me I sound like the author, mostly because I don't.

But, it's a very enjoyable read.

quin browne said...

mike, glorious italian man would have been your description...

i made it through the first two parts of 'eat, pray, love'... then, i grew tired of her.

the road? one of the.best.books.ever.
ever. tell me you don't think so when you are done! i'm afraid to see the film, because i have the book in my head so firmly.

twilight? um, yeah. (re-thinking the amazing race hookup..ahahahaha!)

golfwidow said...

I just finished reading a biography of Charles M. Schulz that was brilliant. The author did not paint Schulz as good or bad, but human, and that's a rare talent.

I'm waiting for my holiday care package to myself: I'm getting "Beedle the Bard". Also, in other Oz news, that care package contains the DVD of "Tin Man."