Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Life is a Constant Trial

Aaargh! I am blocked, once again, from reading blogs at work. I am also blocked from facebook, after becoming hopelessly addicted to that form of online socializing, as well as from other "social networking sites."

Now, what the hell am I going to do all day?

My life is a constant trial.

They have been cracking down at work, it seems. I shouldn't complain, though. Nohow, contrariwise. I should be humbly, humbly grateful. Last week, almost half of our team was "let go." Four people were told in a private meeting that if our workplace was American Idol, then "they were not going to Hollywood."

I wish I was kidding. That's seriously how they were told.

There are two staff members I am sorry to see go. I was shocked and disappointed. And feeling shaky - it could've been me, too.

I cannot take for granted that I am still employed, that I have employment at all. On top of that, I usually remember to be grateful, on a regular basis, for having a job that I actually enjoy.

Now that our team of Admissions Representatives is down to about half its former size, I anticipate that the workload will almost double. I am okay with that. Things have been slow, this year. With the problems of the economy and the increasing obstacles our students face when attempting to secure financial aid, numbers have been down all around.

But playtime is over, at least, during work hours. It's so inconvenient!

For those of you whose blogs I read regularly, I apologize to you if it seems that I am dwindling into the silent part of your reading audience. I will continue to lurk as much as I can, after the hours of 6:00 pm.

You just may not hear from me as much . . .


Mike Valentino said...

That's a horrible way to fire someone. Be glad it's not you. Just remember that those people lost their jobs and our soldiers are losing their lives all because of the Republican Party.

Just a happy reminder to vote Dem in the upcoming election!

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Peter?! Vote Democrat?! Ha ha ha ha ha! As IF! If Peter votes Democrat, then I will blow you, Mike!

Sunshine said...

But but but....how will we communicate??? While you are BLOCKED!!! the madness!!

Smoke signals. Try that.

management assholes!!

I'm developing software right now to help you break thru the wall. so you can stick it to the man.

thelastnoel said...

It's good to be reminded of having a job. For my position, a slew of people applied. Yup, I'm grateful.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

"You're not going to Hollywood"??????!!! What kind of cunts fire people like that? So cruel.

Urrrrggghh. And yes the economy.We all feeling it.

Cheryl said...

My thinking is this: Most people don't take smoke breaks at work anymore, so it seems like blog breaks are a nice, healthy alternative when you need a few minutes of downtime between tasks. Hopefully my boss agrees.

Glad you're still employed, but I'll miss seeing you around the blogosphere!

Peter Varvel said...

MV, as my nuts-fruits-&-flakes friends in entertainment say, "I'm Blue, through and through," and "waaay farther to the left than you."

PG, say 'Ahhh,' open wide! ("Yeah - like you haven't already done THAT today!" JT)

S, please, please! All the former proxies are no longer working!

N, I can imagine, although I'm not at all surprised you were the one hired!

TCDO, just wait until you visit, here. It ain't all as shiny and glamourous as most people may think. There are Thai Americans that live in this area, after all.

C, yes, that's exactly my kind of rationalization! "Why can't people be reasonable and see things our way?"

Quin Browne said...

my 23 emails from you yesterday were sufficient.....

and, mike, prince would blow you if the sun comes up in the east tomorrow...