Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday, Eddie!

My Fabulous Friend, Eddie, turns 40 years young today!

Eddie, who was the one to teach me the Weapon Dance, is one of the most quotable people I know. Here are a few of my favorites:

"I can't . . . dance to that."
(said while dancing in a bar when a hair band/heavy metal song was played)

"Who took my picture without my knowledge and is using it without my permission?"
(asked in front of a Joe Camel cigarette ad featuring a Vegas Showgirl)

"Just take your cheap pumps, and your trashy blond hair, and get out!"
(said in a general fit of bitchiness)

"Ohmygawd, I would never get any studying done, here. I would just be running up and down the hallways all the time, screaming, 'Let's play Twister! Let's do the bunny-hop! Let's go to Burger King!'"
(said while visiting a friend in the UCLA dorms)

(said to me by way of greeting as I drove by and he hung out of the front door of his work place, Miller's Outpost)

"Ew. EW! EWWW! No wonder I'm gay! Ew!"
(said while perusing through the various pencil sketches in 'The Joy of Lesbian Sex')

"Welcome to Wicker Hell. May I help you?"
(said to me as I entered his work place, Pier One Imports)

And of course, worth repeating: "What color is it, and does it have a make-up mirror?"
(asked of his father who had bought Eddie his first previously owned car)

And one last final quote, said to Eddie by our friend Drea:
"You will not wear my tiara."
(said to Eddie when we entered her bedroom and he made a beeline directly to her Homecoming princess crown)

Happy Birthday, my Fabulous Friend, Eddie! I love you always, and I look forward to another twenty-three years and beyond of fun shared together!

"You no get da roll weed da combination plaaate!" (to be read in a very irate Chinese woman's voice)


golfwidow said...

He sounds like my kind of people. Pass on some good wishes from me.

(I know, what a bitch I am; now I've got you carrying cargo.)

Quin Browne said...

my kind of man.