Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Forever Janet

Call me shallow. Call me simple-minded. You can even call me shot with luck, and more-than-my-fair-share-of-blessed.

I could never seriously consider committing suicide because I'm too curious to see what my favorite artists are going to do next (and yes, bitches, that does include Madonna)

For almost twenty years, I have bought every one of Janet Jackson's new albums the very first day that they were available in stores. Today was no different. Janet, who is the same age as me (born in 1966) has put out her latest album, "Discipline." (doesn't the lighting of her new album cover make her look like the cover art of a V.C. Andrews novel?)

Of course, it's-Miss-Jackson-if-you're-nasty is deliberately implying the whole S&M/bondage/role playing/dominatrix scene, as she sings and moans about in the title track. It's a theme that she has been consistently building upon over the years, ever since her 1993 the-joy-of-sex album, "janet."

This new album does not disappoint, as her last two albums may have, commercially, for both older and newer fans. There are some strong dance tracks that do not all sound the same. Good first impressions come easily with the first single release, "Feedback," and also with "The 1," another collaboration featuring Missy Elliot.

A coworker has invited me to see Janet perform live this week, on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. It would be exciting to be able to see her up close in such a small venue. I have idolized her for well over two decades, now.

I had to admit to my coworker, though, that if we ended up not being able to go, I would be able to live. The earth would continue to rotate. It is directly indicative of my age that I am no longer as hyper-excited and enthusiastic about the things I love most. Things that I used to scream myself hoarse about in excited anticipation and enjoyment, I can now take or leave.

I'm turning into my mother who, whenever a new movie was released, would announce that she would just wait until it came out on video.

My age is exactly why I continue to follow Miss Jackson's career, though. Her age. Our age. We're both turning 42 this spring. Janet's been looking a little cracked around the eyes in recent years, no matter how well they airbrush some of those photos (so has Cindy Crawford, who was also born the same year).
As long as she's still "kicking it" I don't have to worry too much about acting foolish for my age: I don't have to completely suppress my perpetual desire to dance, no matter how tired it may make me feel, nowadays.

Hey. Maybe I will go to those auditions for "Pippin" this week, after all, even if they are doing a hip-hop/anime adaptation of the show.


thelastnoel said...

Who knew that the little girl from Good Times would be here...well, maybe you could have guess; she's still a Jackson.

golfwidow said...

In that photo, she looks scarily like Michael. It's not right. It's a lighting malfunction, if I may.

The New Napolean said...

I don't think you look at all like your age, or Janet's its worth noting! Hope you're doing well, sorry I've been so out of touch! Things are calming down for me, I might even start writing again!!! Happy Hump Day

Quin Browne said...

go to pippin.

and rock out at janet.

i still think paul simon or bruce springsteen will show up at my door one day.


Peter Varvel said...

N, don't forget, she was also on Diff'rent Strokes AND Fame before she became really famous!

GW, I always thought that they both looked like Diana Ross, too, in certain decades.

NN, I miss you, too!

QB, you never know, they may still show up . . . better keep some Viagra stashed away, just in case.