Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Bette Midler of Blogging

Hugs, cheers, and accolades to the goddess Golf Widow, for being the one to pop my Guest Post cherry!

Golf Widow quickly became one of my new writing idols, ever since 2007! Even though I am older than her, I look up to her as a sort of big sister/mentor figure. Her talented writing is consistently strong, entertaining, sarcastically humorous, and extremely intelligent.

Go to her Ministry of Silly Walks to see for yourself, and then order your very own copy of her book, Getting My Think On.

I am humbled and flattered to present my very first guest post:

by Golf Widow

Once upon a time, I kept an active Pretend Internet Boy Harem online.
It was kind of a separate blogroll for my gay readers, who flocked to
me assidiously and squeed (a combination of squealing and excited
peeing) over my every thought.

I was sort of like the Bette Midler of blogging.

By the time I started reading Peter Varvel's blog, the Pretend Internet
Boy Harem had faded. There were so many other, more interesting
beards out there, not to mention flaming gays who posted dirty pictures of
themselves online and rendered me obsolete.

I blame Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It made what I was doing
(being completely accepting of - to the point of being, more or less,
oblivious to - a person's sexual preferences) not only not unusual, but
downright common.

Curse you, Carson Kressley.

(The above sentence would be a great title for a novel.)

Kathy Griffin took over my title as Queen of the Queens and I had to
resort to being funny on my own terms in order to keep myself afloat.

I have succeeded on that scale, as best as I am able, but the Pretend
Internet Boy Harem lost its power over the Intolerant and Scandalized,
and crumbled into ashes.

I'm sorry to see it go. I'm still in love with all the boys (and
girls, and heterosexuals - it was a fairly equal-opportunity clique) who
were a part of the Harem, and those of them who haven't fallen off the
face of the blogosphere are still in love with me, to the best of my

But I wish it was still active, because I met Peter too late, and
wouldn't he have been a fabulous Harem Boy?


Quin Browne said...


girl, i will so slap you.

this is MY future gay partner for life.

go snuggle up to prince... you both dislike the same guy.


(did i do that good? huh? did i?)

Peter Varvel said...

Welcome to the 21st Century.
The Bizarre Love Triangle has now morphed into the Even More Bizarre Love Quadrangle.

Pretty soon we'll be a tesseract!

(yes. yes, you did do that good, uh-huh.)