Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Coworker Lori J. is my new Awesome Goddess to worship. After months of being blocked from "social networking sites" (we had been called into a special meeting to be slapped on the hand for spending so much time i-chatting at our desks), Lori found a link that hacks through the barriers.

And it works!

It takes some patience, though. Pages are slow to come up, much like in pre-DSL days.

It is worth the wait!

Paying it forward, sharing the wealth:

Pass it on! WOO HOO!

Within the first few minutes of accessing my blog via this web site, I realized that with each click, an extra web site chock full o' advertising pops up as well.

Kinda' annoying.


Jason Phoon said...

annoying popups ?? such is the price of freedom my friend ! hahahaa ..

Quin Browne said...