Friday, January 11, 2008

A Noid

I hate people.

Well, only sometimes. And not as often as I used to, when I was still waiting tables.

Still . . .

I went into our staff's kitchen, at work, to grab my fifty-cent container of generic yogurt out of the refrigerator. There was a white, Styrofoam take-out container, as there usually is, on the middle shelf. Most people just scrawl their name on the surface of the compressed, spongy micro-dots. This container had attached to it a hot-pink post-it note with a name and the following words: "Please do not eat--I spit on it."

The message, which had a heart doodled around the name, was followed by a doodled happy face with a tongue sticking playfully out of the doodled mouth.

Highly annoying, as BFF Kathy says.

"So did I," I added to the bottom of the note.


Jason Phoon said...

well maybe that person is just sick of people eating his stuff ?

but funny message you left him anyways .. hehe

golfwidow said...

Have you ever watched God, Inc?

Start there, watch 'em all, see a really good lunch-stealing subplot.

Quin said...


Brenda said...

That's f'ng awesome! Hysterical! You crack me up! Serves 'em right!