Sunday, January 20, 2008

What's That Smell?

Kelly and Gina are sisters. They are two beautiful, young, blonde women that I used to work with at Disney. They told me a story about a little boy, in their Orange County neighborhood, who smelled.

"His parents couldn't figure out why he stank so bad," Gina told me. "They bathed him several times and still, there was a horrible smell coming from him."

"They checked everything," Kelly added. "They checked his hair and his feet. They kept checking his socks and shoes, his underwear--everything!"

The bewildered parents finally took their son to a pediatrician. After a little searching, the doctor located the problem.

It turned out that the boy had stuck two raisins up his nose, one in each nostril. They had been in there for a good two weeks or more, before the doctor had discovered them.



golfwidow said...

Ironically, the kid couldn't smell a thing.

Prince Gomolvilas said...


Lion's Cub said...

Too Funny!!!!

A few months ago we took Noah to an ENT because we thought he was developing vocal nodules. Before he was able to send the scope through Noah's nasal cavity, the doctor had to remove two small beads that Noah had stuck up his nose. His dad asked hom how long they had been there and he said he didn't know. But Ben (Noah's twin brother and definitely the more astute of the two) said that the beads had been there for 12 days!

And even more interesting, Noah's voice such *much* clearer these days!

Quin said...

my niece did this with a bean... it spouted!

Brenda said...

Leave it to kids!

Tedd and Joanna Szeto said...

Gross, Uncle Peter.