Monday, November 16, 2009

One Person

One person can make a difference.

I had every intention of writing a goodbye post tonight. I was going to retire from blogging, at least for now. I was going to pop the bubble, as it were. Then I noticed another follower. From Poland? How can I quit now when this reader just recently added my blog to his reading roll? How could I possibly risk exacerbating the precarious global conflict that's already rampant around the world by giving up on my blog?

Okay, really: How could I be so lazy and give up so easily?

Why did I start blogging in the first place? Honestly, it was another fun way to get attention. Why do you think I used to sing and dance? (Why do you think I still force my coworkers to endure my singing and dancing?) Also, I really thought I might discover that I have something substantial to say, unremarkable as my life can be, most of the time.

Why was I going to make tonight's post my last? My writing is suffering in general. Continuation of My First Novel attempt has been shamefully neglected, and I thought that cessation of this blog might help to resolve that. I feel the need, yet again, to clear away the clutter, even though that means wanting to clean out closets and getting rid of old clothes before sitting down to do any actual writing.

Maybe I am just anxious over the fact that Domestic Partner and I will be hosting my family in our home again for one of the holiday dinners this year, and I want to do as much prep cleaning as possible before that happens.

Also, my life may be too easy. My life is great, actually, and who wants to read about that? We have a new kitten in the house, another preemie we had rescued from abandonment in our backyard. Baby Kitty is playful, affectionate, and just too adorable for its own good at almost two months. She sleeps between the humans in bed, and sometimes between the pugs. Life is cozy and sweet.

We think Baby is a 'she.' We were wrong with the last cat.

I have nothing remarkable to write, most days, but I have good things in my life, and I am grateful for that. I am grateful for safe scooter rides on the freeway, and for the fact that I am employed. Sometimes, while riding into work, I remember to pray for the chance to be a light in this world, and for the chance to make a difference in someone's life, no matter how small.

Adam-from-Poland, today you are that one person to me. Because of you I will continue to write new posts for Plastic Bubble World.

And for that I thank you.


Knucklehead said...

Oh, sure, my words of encouragement meant NOTHING to you? Instead, you're taking advice from some stranger in Warsaw? No offense, Mr. Stanislavski, or whatever your name is. Adam, apparently.

Glad you're sticking around though, Pete.

Peter Varvel said...

Knucklehead, don't you have over 200 followers? You don't need to be validated by my need for validation from you. :)

KK said...

Aw Peter! I love your blogs and as soon as they pop up, I read them. They make me smile and even reflect on my own stuff. Even if they're sporadic, we still enjoy them. Don't give 'em up completely.

As they say in Poland, "Czechlelsoowvl onkkhyy zsrysyk." I think it means, "Keep on truckin', and big 10-4" or something like that.

Erin said...

Thanks, Adam in Poland! Don't stop blogging, Peter!!

Erin said...

Thanks, Adam in Poland! Don't stop blogging, Peter!!

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Pork Chop will eat that kitty!

Louise Larsen said...


Video please!

quin browne said...

i have given up, i think.

finish up neville and margaret, and retire gracefully.

i'm boring these days.

with that said, i'm glad you are still around. i'm in la in the late spring... lunch?