Monday, November 9, 2009

I Hate You

I can't write. All I want to do is rant and rave about my pet peeves. I don't want this blog to be an outlet for that - a dumping grounds.

Oh, well. Too bad.

You people who leave your shopping carts in the parking lot? I hate you. If you can't push it back to the front of the supermarket entrance, at least take it to the designated area in the parking lot. Think of the people working on staff. Do it for them.

Stop littering in the parks and around the DMV by my house. I hate you for doing that. Bushes and small trees are not there for you to place empty soda cans and cigarette boxes. Trash cans are only a few feet away.

And stop leaving empty In'N'Out bags, boxes, and soft drink cups by the curb, in front of my neighbors' houses. And beer bottles. Take it away in your car, you know, in the same way you brought it to our neighborhood.

To the guy who dropped his salsa on the floor in El Pollo Loco. I hate you. I can't believe you just left it there and went back to the salsa bar to get some more. Think of the people working on staff and clean up your own damn mess. I feel sorry for your girlfriend/wife/sister (whatever). She has to put up with your apathy for however long you two are together.

Be reasonable. Be like me and do things my way so I won't have to hate you.

And to everyone driving in Los Angeles? Use your frickin' turn signals. Give me a clue if you are about to change lanes or make a turn, so I don't crash into you.

I know my life is good. If this is the worst my life gets, then I should just be grateful. But, still. Quit it.

Get off my lawn, you damn kids!


Knucklehead said...

All this hate. I'd be ticked if the In N Out bags didn't contain Double Doubles, myself.

Points are all well taken, though, Pete.

Michael DeAntonio said...

If those pesky children keep taking shortcuts across your lawn, just turn the sprinklers on them. They'll learn their lesson.

Lion's Cub said...

Yeah, don't do that sprinkler thing. Some old curmudgeon on my friend's block did that. Friend's kid was walking to school on the sidewalk where said sprinklers flooded the corner. Kid slid on sidewalk and broke her leg in 5 different places. Curmudgeon is being sued.

Ranting over pet-peeves is fine. We've no need for curmudgeons.

quin browne said...

hey, you people who get into the express lane with a full basket... use your fingers to count! if you have more things than you do fingers, you can't go there!

excuse me? lady whose child is screaming in the place where we are all sitting, trying to have a nice meal? take it outside. seriously.

and, you, using your phone in the same establishment with the speakerphone option? here's a hint.. your side of the conversation was boring enough. now, i have to hear BOTH sides.

thanks! i feel so much better now!