Friday, July 3, 2009

The Way You Dance

I love facebook. I love how easily it helps to answer the question "What ever happened to . . . ?" Sometimes I wonder what Brent G. is up to.

Brent is a boy I had met in the 80's while out dancing one night. I had ridden into Hollywood with a few friends to the bar called "Peanuts." It was supposed to be a lesbian bar but it was more of a mixed crowd on the night we went. Brent was there that night, dancing by himself.

I loved his confidence and his style. His all-black outfit included a beret and a pair of gloves. I loved that he had the creativity to dress differently and the courage to dance alone in public. It was as if the Gogo's had written that song for him:

The way you dance, you move in self-romance
And you don't see me watch the way you dance
Your eyes close in a trance, so you don't see me watching

Fortunately, Brent did see me. I can't remember how I started talking to him. I was just happy that I got to dance with this boy I admired. What I do remember is the sweet kisses we shared later. I was 21 then and Brent was a little younger.

Brent and I had kept in touch after meeting that night but it was difficult getting together again. Neither of us had a car. I was getting around Orange County on a Vespa scooter back then. Brent, unbelievably, was riding the city buses to go out at night. I was impressed. He was that dedicated a club kid!

I have searched for Brent on facebook. Typing in his first and last names yields only one result, so I'm pretty sure it's him, even if there is no accompanying photo.

I have not friend requested him. After thinking about it, I decided that Brent is one fond memory I would like to keep as is, including the way he danced.


golfwidow said...

One of my favorite life encounters was with a sweet, handsome boy at a performance of Hair in the round at a great little club/theater. I may have fallen in love at first sight. I won't even look for him on Facebook, because I'm afraid I might find him and ruin my brain, my life, or both.

KK said...

I love your posts, Peter. THis one was especially sweet. Sometimes the memories are best left untouched.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Hey, hows my bestfriend Kevin doing? I miss him.

Can I find him on Facebook so that we can catch up on old times?

Cheryl said...

Yes, to friend or not to friend is the Facebook question. Personally, I prefer looking up old enemies to looking up old friends.

quin browne said...

i wish facebook didn't know my real name.