Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Oh my God, ohmygod, ohmigawd! The new television show "GLEE" was just the bestest ever. The vocals were fantastic, the characters were funny, and the choreographed numbers were fulfilling. Did'ja catch that show choir performance of Amy Winehouse's "Rehab?" (a much better version, I might add). Astounding!

My niece's mother had just posted a question on facebook this week, wondering if we ever truly get out of high school. I think this new program reinforces the idea that high school is eternal, both the good and the bad.

At first, I was disappointed that there was so much focus on the teacher/new choir director's story line, since he is one of the main characters. "Get back to the kids!" I wanted to yell at the idiot box.

But I can't deny that the adult characters' story lines are part of what makes high school so perpetual. Much of the appeal of a show like this may be due to some grownups' desire - grownups like me - to recapture their youth. Later in the premiere episode, viewers learn that the teacher was once part of the school's show choir when he was a student.

"It made me want to perform again!" my friend Deb told me. I knew how she felt. And I knew that she would know that I knew that. Too bad we're "too old" now. But how satisfying to see a new show that will once again bond band geeks and choir nerds alike, as well as any other high school underdog stereotypes.

Is "GLEE" the newest version of 'High School Musical' on television? Perhaps. And it's just as delicious as a guilty pleasure.



Prince Gomolvilas said...

Just saw it. Love it.

Oh, and the eye candy!!!!!

golfwidow said...

As long as it doesn't turn into "Saved By the Bell," we're in good shape.

KK said...

I have it on Tivo and haven't been able to catch up yet. Can't wait to see it. It looks so cute. Too bad we have to wait until the fall to catch more of it. Yay! I can totally see you getting into this, P!

drudru said...

YES! I totally agree. This show is amazing. I was SO mad when I found out that I wouldn't get to see another episode of it until this fall though ... LAME!

Chris @ Maugeritaville said...

Gee, Pete, I had no idea this would be your kind of show. I caught a few minutes of it. Looked okay. Is that kid in the wheelchair from something else, he looked vaguely familiar.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Dammit! I don't get here in Aussie.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

TCDO, it's available for free on and

quin browne said...

love it.

and, i saw the new trailer for 'fame' yesterday... woot.

tcdo can't get hulu or fox, only!

Cheryl said...

Just watched it online and felt so, so gleeful. Did you watch Popular, Ryan Murphy's other show in 2000-ish? It was just begging to be a musical--it's nice to see that he finally gets to let loose.