Sunday, February 15, 2009

Seven Weeks

First of all, to those of you on my regular blog reading list, I apologize for being so MIA.

I was going to write a post about how facebook has become a full-fledged addiction, and how it has all but replaced my former time-burglar addiction of blog reading.

Less than seven weeks. I have less than seven weeks for a show to take over my life. First, three weeks of rehearsals for the 99¢ Only Calendar Girl Competition, and then four weekends of performances next month. Less than seven weeks of my life to devote to this sugar-sweet confection of a show.

That is really a small chunk of time to sacrifice other activities - and people - in my life.


And it will test my wannabe perfectionist tendencies a little, or at least irk them.

Day Job. Rehearsals. Learning lyrics, harmonies, and choreography, and practicing them on my own. Facebook (I can't resist). Take care of the dogs and cat. And hamsters. Give time and attention to Domestic Partner. Squeeze in housework when I can.

Write another paltry submission for the next writers group meeting. I feel as if I have to, somehow.

Exercise? Mmm, probably not.

So much for being perfect. But so far, I love my life this year.

Read friends' blogs? Write more blog entries? Maybe. I hope so.

And reading, even if only for a few minutes at a time, while in the loo and right before I go to sleep.

Seven weeks from tonight I will have just finished the last performance of this run.

And then, on to England in early April! I definitely love my life this year.

(P.S. a few of the original Calendar Girls from the show are in the photo above - note how their dresses are made entirely from materials sold in the 99¢ Only Stores!)


Chris said...

Wait, wait, wait. "Time and attention to Domestic Partner"??? I would think that not having to put in so much maintenance would be one of the main perks of being gay.

Or am I being an ignorant jackass yet again?

quin browne said...

i had such a great time with you at the show, and i really can't wait to see you in it!!

and, the uk awaits you with our more powerful dollar!!! woot!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Oh my this is soooo exciting. I am so jealous of you theatre people.