Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Food Journals

The Late 70's

When I wrote in my journals during my grade school years, I didn't know the basic rules about keeping one. I didn't know there were any actual rules (I still don't, actually), so I just wrote about whatever my day consisted of, including meals.

I would share my journals now and then, with a few close friends and even one or two English teachers. One teacher laughed, lightly, not in a mean way, when she read what I had eaten for dinner. I didn't know that writing about what I ate was "weird." It's interesting to me, now, to read over what my mother used to make us for dinner - fried chicken or pork chops, baked potatoes, burritos with ground beef, tempura, enchiladas, navy bean soup in a crock pot - or what my siblings and I used to snack on during summer vacations when we weren't taking swim lessons - tomatoes, cold cereal, potato chips, iceberg lettuce rolls dipped in dressing, an entire package of bacon from the freezer . . . ("No wonder your little brother is always so hyper!" my youth minister's wife had exclaimed when I admitted this part about our home-alone diet).


Today, for breakfast:
-half fat-free milk and half chocolate soy milk tempered in the microwave to chase down my multi-vitamin
-a slice of multi grain toast with Skippy peanut butter
-a Boca brand meatless chicken patty
-a packet of instant oatmeal, apple and cinnamon (those kid's portions are so small!)
-coffee and creamer to chase down my glucosamine tablet

For snacks at work:
-cut up watermelon and green grapes

For lunch:
-three scrambled egg whites with a chopped up Morningstar veggie patty mixed in, and yogurt

For dinner? Not sure yet. I'm going to my writers' group meeting tonight, so hopefully I'll be able to figure out a semi-healthy alternative among the Baja Fresh's and KFC's around the neighborhood where I work.

Last night, after jogging around our neighborhood, I enjoyed a healthy dinner of stir fried bean sprouts, green beans, and Morningstar meatless beef strips. Domestic Partner makes this quick and simple meal once a week, usually, and I never get tired of it.

I am not all that noble and healthy about diet and exercise, though. Not always. Just to give you an example, after that tasty and guilt-free meal, and after Domestic Partner had already retired to the bedroom to watch repeats of "Fraiser," I stood in front of our open pantry and ate almost half a bag of Hershey's Kisses with almonds, one of my most impossible-to-resist favorites. I think it took me the length of about three songs to eat that much, songs from Prince's "Batman" album which I had playing in the kitchen to listen to while washing dishes and cleaning up.

The bag of Hershey's Kisses was on sale for $1.37 at Fresh & Easy this week, a price that's just as hard to resist as the sweet treat itself.


Sunshine said...

Just writing it out is a good way to keep yourself on track with healthy eating, once you see what you consume on paper, it makes you realize what you're putting in your body.

I need to start a food journal and lose some the squish that has come this summer from not exercising and worrying a lot!

Cheryl said...

I'm inspired! But I'm not sure whether I'm inspired to eat egg whites or Hershey's Kisses. I guess I'll find out.

contrarymary said...

What a great topic. Sigh, I love reading and writing about food. Oh yeah, and eating food. I have junior mints in the fridge. When I think about them, I want to eat them. The only thing that is stopping me is that I know Rambo knows they are there too. If I eat them, without sharing...he will know. I suppose I could always go and buy another box and replace them...3 for 3 dollars at CVS...contemplating...

golfwidow said...

Bacon makes people hyper?

Peter Varvel said...

S, I'm still debating with myself whether or not to be resigned and just embrace my own squish, if continuing to battle it is moot.

C, 'member when he had a metabolism and all the guess work was taken out, and we would've eaten both the egg whites AND the Hershey's Kisses?

CM, it's a good thing we were never roommates--you would've always come home to post-it notes in the fridge declaring, 'I owe you an entire bag of Junior Mints. Love, PV'

GW, sure, when they make it with sugar!

Erin said...

Hey, did we ever figure out if you took swimming lessons at Mrs. (forgive the spelling...) Ankeney's house? Do you know who I am talking about?