Monday, August 19, 2013

How I Spent My 48th Summer

Earlier this year I took Miss Jay's on-camera commercial workshop. I knew I was getting my money's worth when I recognized one of the classmates from a Nationwide commercial. I was actually the most inexperienced in our class of eight, having no film or television credits to my name, but I didn't mind being the beginner. It was a good workshop.

Miss Jay turned out to be the real deal. I decided to sign up for her second package where she works one-on-one with her clients to find a commercial agent. Miss Jay knows what she's doing. She is meticulous about details and very business-professional. Plus, she's been doing this for a few years (She's on a current back-to-school commercial that has been airing every day this month).

The process to actually start looking for an agent took longer than I had expected. I wanted to do everything right, as much as possible, so I was willing to wait. And Miss Jay's objective view of my "look" and how to market me turned out to be gold. Once I submitted my new headshots I started receiving responses within the first twenty-four hours.

Holy crap! Why did I wait so long in life to attempt this?

I had a few meetings with talent agencies this past week. They all told me the same thing: They need my look. They're all getting calls for older Asian males. One even told me that they have trouble finding older Asian males that can speak English without an accent.

Really? I find that hard to believe, knowing the competition that's out there, at least for musical theater.

I have a few more meetings with other talent agents this week. I feel like such a novice - again. So I'm a little nervous about making the right choice. I'm also anxious to get started. I'm hoping for beginner's luck.

I'm not so concerned about becoming famous as I am about finding gainful employment after being terminated last year. Fun gainful employment. I was also fired from Disneyland in the 80's. A few months after that I was hired for my first theater job, dancing and singing on stage, and for better pay. Getting fired turned out to be the best thing that ever happened back then.

It's a pattern I'm hoping to repeat this year but on the small screen. Fingers crossed!

The photo above was Miss Jay's first choice to submit to agencies, which worked like a charm! I am grateful for her expertise.


contrarymary said...

Love your headshot. SOunds like you are on a new, great adventure. Break a leg!

Peter Varvel said...

Thanks, Contrary Mary!
They should cast us as a married couple for print work. :)