Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First World Problems

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Pounding the pavement
Paying my dues
Past my prime

Pounding the pavement, starting over
Paying my dues, work my way from the bottom
Past my prime - what is age appropriate?

Pounding the pavement, auditions!
Paying my dues, willing to be in the ensemble, chorus
Past my prime - am I too old to be doing this?

Pounding the pavement, pounding my ego
Paying my dues, learning - again - to deal with rejection
Past my prime . . . when does this start to be too ridiculous?

Where do I draw the line?
(when do I come to my senses?)

And yet

I still have the passion to perform
Still I have the desire

Next audition


Cheryl said...

Oh, rejection, I know it well. Keep pounding the pavement--you are not past your prime. (And I love that you were reading about Nicole Kidman on the other tab.) :-)

Peter Varvel said...

Ha ha! I completely forgot to check all details in my eagerness to expose my vulnerability. ;-)
Thanks, Cheryl!