Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Welcome to Peter's Retro Discoland!

Part of the problem with getting older is that it becomes more difficult to find a good dance club that plays satisfying music, satisfying to my aging ear, at least. I know: my life is a constant trial! But as BFF Kathy had once said, "I need a place where I know and recognize the songs so that I can enjoy myself."

There are plenty of gay bars/dance clubs to choose from, in and near Los Angeles. So, I am forced to admit that my age is a major part of the problem. There are simply not enough retro nights at bars on the weekend.

There is Oil Can Harry's, close to Universal Studios. On most nights they play country & western music for line dancing. But Saturday nights are for disco night! And age is not an issue there. Yes, most of the patrons have been my age or older on the nights I've attended, but quite a few were much younger. It's about a 35 mile drive from home, though. I can't always get friends or even Domestic Partner to go with me.

I saw a Totally 80's night, for a local club, advertised on facebook. That's specifically what I was looking for! But it's held on a Tuesday night. I could still go, but the Sensible and Responsible Adult that I've finally become is reluctant to risk a lethargic day at work on Wednesday morning.

Lately, I've been thinking that I will just have to bring the dance club to me. I'll just have my own discotheque at home. Years ago (okay, decades ago, literally, even if it's only been a couple . . .) I went dancing with friends at the Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood, when it was at its old location. I loved that they had a huge window in the front of the club, like some one's living room window that you could look into. The exhibitionist in me loved that I could dance behind that window and be seen by people driving by or walking by on Sunset Boulevard.

Since then, I have always wanted to live in a house like that.

Our current home is in a quiet, suburban neighborhood. It's not the most ideal location for building dance hall dreams. But maybe some day, about the time I have my fourth novel published, and the film rights optioned, and a stage musical adaptation for one of them, then I'll be able to build a dance club in the front part of our dream home! I'll be able to sync up the iPod to play an infinite play list of my favorite dance tunes from the last five decades, and have a dance club the way I want it.

And you will too, the way you want it - you'll be invited! And I will take requests. There will be food and drink, and plenty of guest rooms for you to crash in and spend the night. It may take me another couple of decades, but keep your boogie shoes ready . . .


golfwidow said...

I am hereby requesting, for chair-dance purposes:

Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom
Billy Idol - Mony Mony

(what's with all these pizza pizza titles?)

Jermaine Stewart - We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off
Donna Summer - Dim All the Lights (I *know* you'll be using Last Dance, but help a sista out)
Billy Squier - The Stroke

and so forth.

Peter Varvel said...

GW, since I love doing two of my favorite things simultaneously - dancing and eating - you and I will also chair dance together to Duran Duran and Mr. Mister (and also Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam).

golfwidow said...

Ooh, baby. I think I love you from head to toe.

Cheryl said...

My boogie shoes are ready.

Temre said...

Just tell me when and I'll be there with my crimped hair, lace skirt and leg warmers!
Requests: Duran Duran and Thompson Twins! :-)