Monday, December 6, 2010

Singing, Writing, and Other Good News

This is not an actual post. This is just me checking in and giving a brief update.

I started taking a singing/performance workshop this fall, more of an audition training class at the Academy for New Musical Theatre, in North Hollywood. It's been a wonderful and safe environment for my first attempts to find more age appropriate music (and roles) to sing. We had a combination potluck and recital last month to showcase our work thus far, at the Chew'n'View Revue.

I enjoyed the first session so much that I signed up for the second ten week session where we are learning to put together our own mini cabaret act.

Both the workshop this fall and going back to voice lessons this year have been encouraging. I'm always itching to be in a show, to be performing live again. There is a third session for the workshop, in the spring, so I may wait a few months before actually auditioning and committing to rehearsals for a full musical.

And I still want to write. I still want to blog regularly, documenting the slices of life that make up the current days of my middle age, and I still want to work on completing the first rough draft of my fledgling young adult novel.

But I may have to put any performing goals and completing-first-novel goals on hold for at least a year: my job, at That Film School in Los Angeles, just announced that staff members can now become enrolled in the online degree programs - at cost! Well, we would have to cover the expense of the required laptop and software, but there will be no charge for tuition. After finally completing my Bachelor degree at age 40 a few years ago, I didn't think I would be rushing to jump right into graduate school. But I also never thought I would actually return to an undergraduate program either, so never say never.

I am mostly interested because one of the online options is a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (via our sister school on the east coast). And 'free' is the right price.

I'm going to do it, commit a year of my life to completing it. So what if I have to sacrifice exercise and even some sleep to get through the program? So what if I have to put other activities and goals - and people - on hold for a while? Indeed, in order to go back to being a student I may have to put my social life on standby for a bit, once again, and perhaps even this blog. As I had asked on facebook last week, who's ready to feel neglected?

I'll see you all online again sometime in 2012!

Just kidding. But I am serious about doing the online degree program.

And I am excited about it!

(the photo above is of me getting into character for the song 'I Am Adolpho' from the musical, "The Drowsy Chaperone")


KK said...

Peter I'm so excited you have such a great opportunity to continue with school. Believe me, I totally understand the whole work/school/play/blog world where something has to give. A year isn't long. Commit. Kill it! You can do it!


It's funny, on a side note, I'll finally be finished with my degree in February and want to start performing. I need to pick your brain on how to pick a voice coach. Yay!

thelastnoel said...

Oh, Peter, congrats. You're a shining example that the whole world can open up to you in your forties. Really, such an inspiration. I'd been trying to get back to grad school for years now--I know how terrific that is!

Cheryl said...

And if you're getting an MFA in writing, you're not postponing your YA novel dreams at all. Hello, thesis!