Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Big One

Tommy J. was one of the more fabulous Disney boys in the parade department.

In the 80's . . .

He was tall, Black, and effeminate. He usually got the better dance parts, such as Court Dancer for the float of Sleeping Beauty's castle in the Christmas parade.
He was also handsome. After serving time in the Mouse House he went to Europe to work as a fashion model. I remember spotting him in a magazine ad for Oak Tree, a men's clothing store.

I was in the backstage cafeteria for a lunch break one day, as were some of the parade dancers. One of the girls got in line and asked for a baked potato.

"Do you want a big one or a little one?" the woman behind the counter asked her.

The pretty parade performer answered just as Tommy stepped into the cafeteria. "I want a big one!"

"Honey," Tommy said, missing not a beat, "We all want a big one."


Chris@Knucklehead! said...

Uh. Yeah. Thank you, Tommy, Patron Saint of the Bloody F-ing Obvious.

Mr.Macabre said...

Get that man a tiara, STAT!

That's hilarious, I've used that line once or twice myself.

KK said...

ROFL! Wow, what a great laugh to start the morning! Thanks Peter. :)

Michael DeAntonio said...

We do?

golfwidow said...

I always say "That's what SHE said."