Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Donna Doesn't Dance

The following lyrics were written in 1984, based on Actual Persons and Real Life Events:

My name is Brent, I'm in the high school band (doo doo doo doo!)
I play percussion so I have to stand (doo doo doo doo!)
But when I stand up I can see the chicks (doo doo doo doo!)
Then I see Donna and on her my gaze I fiiiiiiiiiix

Donna is a nice girl but she can be cool (doo doo!)
Her morals I don't mind except for just one rule (doo doo!)
I think I'd like to ask her to the high school prom (doo doo!)
But if we go together I'm afraid our love would booooooomb

Oh! Oh! Oh! Donna doesn't dance
Oh! Oh! Oh! We'll never have romance
Uh-oh-oh! She's got me in a trance
Oh! Oh! Oh! Donna doesn't daaaaaaaance

I know a boy like Donna and it's such a shame (doo doo!)
He's Kathy's boyfriend Reevey and they look the same (doo doo!)
He'd never dance with Kathy in a million weeks (doo doo!)
I'll think I'll go with Kathy and the other band geeeeeeeeeks

Oh! Oh! Oh! Donna doesn't dance
Whoa, oh, oh, she'll never take the chance
No, Donna, no, don't look at me askance
Oh! Oh! Oh! Donna doesn't daaaaaaaaaance

Oh, Donna, please, won't you ever dance?
Don't you know our love it would enhance?
Bo-ho-ho! Why take such a stance? (bo?)
Oh! Oh! Oh! Donna doesn't daaaaaaaaance

(Oingo-Boingo-esque guitar solo)

Oh-oo-oh-oo, Donna
Someday we are gonna
Dance together, Donna
Just like Once Upon a
We'll sit in the sauna
And we'll play 'pirahna'
Don't you know I wanna
Dance with you please, Donna

Donna ... Donna ... dance, dance, DANCE! Please, Donna?

My gratitude to the band geeks of the Blue Diamond Brigade at Norco High: Brent, Kathy, and Yariv. And of course, special thanks to Donna B. without whom these lyrics would never have been written


KK said...

Hee hee! I love this, Peter! Though I wasn't in band, you gave me a few brief flashbacks to NHS!

Mr. Knucklehead said...

No, maybe Donna doesn't dance, but from what I've heard, she does a lot of other things.

Not that I would know this, of course.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Donna's shy?
After a few drinks she might dance?
and then dance means other things...