Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Miss Heard, the Lyrics?

I love Miss Heard. She helps me fill in the gaps when I can't quite hear or understand the real words of the song. I have been thinking of her since yesterday, ever since the news announced the demise of the real life Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. I keep thinking of the other girl referenced in the song,"the girl with colitis goes by" (the girl with kaleidoscope eyes).

Maybe Miss Heard first starts whispering to us when we're very young, shortly after we start learning to talk. I don't remember what lyrics she may have helped me to slaughter before I entered kindergarten. But I still giggle over one of my little sister's interpretations.

"Mister Doo-dah on my fee-nah!" she would sing boisterously from her car seat.

My younger brother and I, also in the back seat of the car, would snicker at her idiocy. We felt superior knowing the real lyrics. "Mister Bluebird on my shoulder," from "Song of the South," as sung by Uncle Remus (Did you know they are not allowed to show or release that anymore? Something about the Uncle Tom character - I mean - Uncle Remus not being racially PC or sumthin' . . . ).

Miss Heard stayed close by during my adolescence, always available. She helped me to sing along with the Police during the early 80's.

"I'm a pool hall ace!" I would sing along with Sting. I'm not sure if I was still in my twenties, or if it was during my thirties when I finally learned that he was really singing "How my poor heart aches," in their now classic hit "Every Breath You Take."

And guess what Miss Heard told me they were saying the very first time I listened to that Salt-N-Pepa hit while dancing in a divey gay bar? You know, when, in the chorus, they say, "Ah! (tsss) Push it!" It was the late 80's. I had reached full-fledged adulthood by that time, but it was an innocent time (*smirk*), and it was still rather shocking to hear the P-word mentioned in a dance tune.

One of my all time favorites, though, is from the early 80's. My youngest brother was singing the chorus of Romeo Void's one hit (wonder!), "Never Say Never," except his version was:

"My mama said sweater would never get better."

Despite Miss Heard's usual interference, even I knew that it was supposed to be, "I might like you better if we slept together." My youngest brother was eight at the time, so I just let him think that Miss Heard was right.

Now, "Excuse me while I kiss this guy."

With what lyrics has Miss Heard misled you?


Sunshine said...

My fav is Blinded By the Light where it sounds like "douche".

Susie said...

My daughter Bonnie was the queen of slaughtered lyrics. Two favorites:

"And da Bradley stand UP! next to you..." (From God Bless the USA... "and I gladly stand up next to you." Her big brother's name is Bradley.

Also, she would sing the entire Christmas tune "Angels we have heard on high" (on pitch, even!) when she was about 2. But it went something like this:

Angels we have heard enough,
Sweeping sweeping o'er the place.
And the mountains in report
Elbow back their glory face.

(Big voice on the chorus)
In a dress we stay-o.
In a dress we stay-ay-o.


DK @ Knucklehead! said...

"Blinded by the light . . . whacked out like a douche who wears a rubber in the night."

Big ol' Jet Airliner: "Bingo jet had a light on."

Beast of Burden: "I wanna see your pizza burnin'."

Jimmy Eat World: "The pink and vinyl potpourri" (The picket line or the parade)

Beatles: "Michelle, my belle, someday monkey play piano song, play piano song."

And what's this, Pete? Three posts in the same month!

Peter Varvel said...

Sonia, me too!
Susie, I LOVE that! I can't wait to meet Bonnie some day.

DK, those are classic! LOL one . . .