Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Plastic Joy

I'm not really here, I'm just checking in.

This is not a real post. It is a figment of the imagination (a fig of the i-madge).

Oh my gawd. Does anyone remember Figment and Dream Finder, the Epcot characters in the 80's? Of course, we called them "Fagment" and "Wet Dream Finder." You know us Disney Boys . . .

The photo above is the costume that I wore in the 99 Cents Calendar Girl Competition show. It closed this past weekend. It was an unforgettable performing experience chock full of unadulterated joy and lovely insanity.

Once again, I must thank both Prince and Quin for leading me to this unique and oh-so-happy experience.

Tomorrow I am off to England to join a reunion with dancers that I worked with on board Princess Cruises.

I miss you. I miss reading your blogs.

Doing the 99 Cents show and the anticipation of going to England have both given me oodles of joy these past couple of months. But they have also been enormous distractions, albeit welcome ones.

When I return, it's back to business. Back to writing and blogging regularly. Back to reading your blog posts more consistently. And back to working on and completing Scooter Boy.

I promise I'll be back, Mikey. I miss you too!


Prince Gomolvilas said...

That costume is FIERCE.

Send it to Mike.

Chris said...

Have fun, Pete!

quin browne said...

i arrived too late to catch the show, and now, you are gone while i am still here in la.


Cheryl said...

"Oodles" is exactly the FDA recommended daily requirement of fun. Glad you've been getting your fill!

golfwidow said...

Ho gettato un dardo a ti.

Which means "I threw a dart at you."

See http://www.golfwidow.net/archives/012227.html .

Michael DeAntonio said...

Just don't come back speaking with a cockney accent.

Michael DeAntonio said...

Damn! The outfit in the picture was so eye-poppingly queer that it took me til now to realize their are a pair of breasts in the background!