Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Saw Your Mom in Her Underwear!

I saw my friend Julie's mom in her underwear, once, when I was about seven. I'm not sure why I remember this, but I'm happy to share it with you.

One of the families we were friends with at church was the Sahlstrom family. Julie Sahlstrom was the same age as me, so we were good friends. She was a middle child, with an older brother and a younger sister. She and her siblings had blonde hair and blue eyes. The Sahlstroms had invited us to their home for lunch after church, one day. Julie and I were in her bedroom, just talking.

"I have to go to the bathroom," she said. "Come with me."

Julie sat on the toilet to pee and I sat against the wall, side by side with the toilet. I was almost behind Julie, practically. It wasn't like I could even see anything. We continued our conversation until her mother burst in on us. Mrs. Sahlstrom was wearing only her bra and panties. She must have been changing out of her church clothes.

"What are you two doing in here?!" She was surprised and upset. I didn't really see what the big deal was, even though she was half naked in front of me.

My father punished me right away when he found out. He grounded me to the couch in the empty family room. This was just about all he could do, short of spanking me, as we were guests in their home. I was not allowed to read anything, however, which was torture because the Sahlstroms had a huge collection of children's books on their shelves, many of which were new to me.

This memory may serve as a good example of why I was such a goody-goody when I was younger, and why I was such a prude for so long, as a young adult. I used to have such a big stick up my butt (and not in the good way, either, as I'm always saying to my friends). Fortunately, I learned to have a much more relaxed attitude from many people I met while working as a performer. I'll never forget Jennie, a lovely dancer from England, who never felt it necessary to close the bathroom door when she had to pee. We also continued our conversations with each other while she was on the loo.

And I'll never forget Mrs. Sahlstrom, either. I don't remember exactly what her bra and panties looked like. I probably averted my eyes, being the polite, little Japanese boy that I was. But I do remember her as a very pretty woman, with bright blue eyes, soft bangs, and the rest of her natural brown hair pulled back in a modest ponytail.

I wonder if she recalls the time when that little boy saw her in her underwear?


Sunshine said...

Long story, that I do not want to tell in a COMMENT BOX, but I think some kids down the street that I played with had a pervy dad.

I didn't play over there much.

He was icky.

And I don't recall that he had bright blue eyes.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

So much in this story to be disturbed by. Include a warning for people like me next time, thank you.

Quin Browne said...

funny about watching people pee... the weather guy had no problem with us having wild monkey sex, but, the one time i kept the door open while i peed, he actually freaked out, yelling about me not shutting the door. i became extremely embarrassed...

odd, eh?

Peter Varvel said...

Your comments all have me so weak and giddy with laughter that I want to hug the three of you and touch myself, all at the same time!

S, Would it be worth blogging about at ATPoH? Someone was watching over me, not putting any pervy dads in my way because I'm afraid I might have been too willing of a participant.

P, I'll try to remember, although it's difficult not to feel rewarded by your reaction, your discomfort.

Q, I KNOW! What is that? Domestic Partner is very similar and will say 'Ew!' to almost every normal daily body function, despite what we've done to and with each other's bodies . . .

Cheryl said...

I love that the mom was so busy freaking out that you might be doing something with her daughter that she ignored the fact that she was the one running around practically naked. Adults have no idea what actually traumatizes kids.

Peter Varvel said...

C, I know!
It's seared into my visual memories.

Mike Valentino said...

that picture is hot. seriously.
I'm not joking.
I find that attractive.

Just thought I'd share that.

Peter Varvel said...

MV, thank you because you made me re-examine that picture. I attempted to see it as a straight man would, and speaking of 'would,' I think I wood be sportin' sum at the sight of that ample ass, if I were hetero.

To quote Roseanne Barr/Arnold/Barr on men, whether they are straight or gay: "What does it matter? You're all pigs, anyway!"

thelastnoel said...

I never saw a friend's parent naked--ewww gross.